20 Hug Quotes To Express Love For Someone You Care

by Nicki

A hug is the simplest act of holding someone to let them know that they are loved and cared for, but sometime you may not be there but a hug quotes may feel the void of your presence. It unites two bodies into one and has a way to comfort us. It is magical, especially when we are upset because, for a moment, someone’s arms feel safe, warm, and welcoming. This simple act of love can bring alive millions of feelings in your heart. Couples often show their love hugging each other and keeping their beloved warm and fuzzy.

If you are one of them, then here are some cute hug quotes to say to your special one while wrapping him/her around your arms.


Hug Quotes

Just a simple hug can be very powerful. It has the ability to reduce the stress, cure sadness and heals any wound.

Hug Quotes


Sometimes words can’t express our feelings but a tight hug can. It not only unites two bodies but also the souls.

Hug Quotes


There’s nothing stronger than a hug that is pure and full of affection. Without even saying, a hug expresses that there’s someone who loves you and cares for you.

Hug Quotes


The tight hug that is given with love is the best gift a person can have. It costs nothing but is more powerful.

hugs and kisses quotes


Hug is one of the best medicines that have no side effects. The tighter it is, the more you feel relief.

i need a hug quotes


One of the best things in the world is to feel the warmth of the heart by hugging. A sincere hug proves that our heart cannot live without love and affection.

Love Quote For Him

A simple hug really makes a difference. It’s better than thousands of words and can change a person’s day.

hugs and kisses quotes


Arms can’t speak but when they’re used to hug, the beautiful words can be heard.


Hugging is one of the best ways to spread love and show affection that one feels for others.


To calm and comfort someone, there are no other better options than a tight hug.

Hug Quotes


If you are having a hard time, hug the ones you love. It’ll surely give you strength and make you feel better.


A tight hug that comes from the heart can bring lots of positive vibes and light up your day.


You are lucky if you have a loved person to give you hug. Because it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Hug Quotes


Sometimes I want to hug you without any reason because it is my most favorite thing.

Deep love quotes

Hugging someone is the best thing because you can also expect a hug in return.


If you can’t find any words to say, just give them a long, tight hug. It’s the perfect way to show love.

Hug Quotes


Every person has a weak point. They just want a hug sometimes because it makes everything better.


A hug means heart to heart communication. It’s enough to comfort you and gives joy.


I love to hug you because it brings happiness to my heart. But I love it more when you hug me back.

i need a hug quotes

If someone is feeling low, don’t ask him what’s wrong. Just put your arms around him and give a strong hug.

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