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30 Best Quotes About Kids Growing Up

Quotes About Kids Growing Up

If you are searching for quotes about kids growing up, here are some beautiful ones for you. Kids grow up in no time, and within a blink of an eye, a child grows from a cry baby to a gentleman. With them, you have no clue of time along with no clue of you getting old. In the process of growth, a child grows not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It is you who is responsible for teaching them valuable norms and helps them be emotionally stable to handle the ranges of emotions that take place during their lifetime.


Kids Growing Up Quotes And Sayings

When raising a child, you never seem to realize that the little person is growing a little more every day. And one day, you see him as a gentleman and be proud of who you have raised.

quotes about kids growing up


It was Feb 01 when she was one year old, Today is another Feb 01, but she is now twenty-one. Time flies so quickly, kids grow so fast, and we grow old in no time.

growing up kids quotes


Children grow each day, and each day, they become a little taller, a little naughtier, and a little more curious, but they never fail to amaze us a little more every day.

quotes about growing up kids


Between a little crawling, somewhat stumbling, sometimes falling, the child finally learns to take a proper step, and you never know when he is walking towards you.

Teach your kid how to love and what is happiness, for he shall find happiness even when falling and failing when growing up. Because that is life.

A child can be the naughtiest demon and kindest fairy, but they always bring happiness in whatever they do. That is why they are so dear to every one of us.

From learning to speak the first word to singing nursery rhymes for the first time, every progress of a child matters as they learn and grow from experiences.

quotes about kids growing up


Kids dream to be eighteen when they are eight but turning eighteen, they wish to be eight so that they are still a growing child rather than an adult.

Talking to a child is an indicator of the type of environment they have been brought up in and the kind of people they have been growing up with.

For kids, no dream is big or small, no dream is imaginary, they always have Santa’s gifts on Christmas, and the Tooth fairy to exchange their broken tooth with sweets.


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Quotes About Children Growing Up

It does not matter which superhero or fairy a child has been watching growing up; for them, the most precious and bravest hero is their father, and the most beautiful fairy is their mother.

Quotes About Children Growing Up


A child doesn’t learn everything at once. They do it one day at a time, finding joy in every little thing they do. Doing this, we never know when or how they grew up so fast.

For every piece of furniture a child scratches on and every toy they squish, there is a memory left to be remembered for their future self.

From sleeping all day to running all over constantly, children never forget to have fun growing up. This is what we should learn from them never to forget to have fun.

Children can be very bossy, sometimes silly, sometimes very demanding, but however they behave, they are always innocent, lovely babies in their mother’s bosom.

Children Growing Up Quotes


From wanting to fly high in the sky to hit the rock bottom is how a kid will grow up. Life is full of disappointments but also full of beautiful experiences.

Children have the biggest heart, for they never hesitate to help the poor and cherish animals without expecting any benefits in return.

When a kid returns home with dirt all over his uniform, his white shoes painted all back, it means he had a perfect day.

Being innocent when he doesn’t know something and being curious about it is how a child untangles the mysteries of life.

Quotes About Children Growing Up


Children: they love making friends than foes; they like to give than to take, they like to be happy than to cry. So a child, in every religion, is God’s Blessing.


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Kids Growing Up Quotes

In a single day, kids laugh, cry, play, erupt, show and throw tantrums, and sleep. Do adults even realize how busy they are?

Kids Growing Up Quotes


The kid slyly measures himself on his tiptoes, trying to grow as tall as daddy. I wonder if he knows he is still growing.

Kids grow up from wanting castles for their Barbies to building Castles for their mother. What a beautiful blessing they are!

Those small hands that could only cover my nose have grown so big that they can now cover my face and show me a pleasant surprise.

When a child grows up, show them kindness, love, and affection towards everyone. And that is what he will learn to do in his life.

Growing Up Quotes for Kids


Everything comes to ease once your child grows up. The struggle lasts only at times when he is small. So, have patience and give him all the love he deserves.

When your baby is born, she holds your finger with her whole hand, and in no time, her hands grow much bigger than yours. Kids grow up so fast!

Life isn’t as easy as one thinks when you have a growing child. You will have to be a mother, a teacher, a chef, a coach, and everything else according to his need.

Growth is an easy process, but growing and learning great things in life is hard. And kids make this thing look so easy.

Kids Growing Up Quotes


Children make growing up look so easy. They grow up in no time from a child to a man learning great things along the way. Respect their journey and cheer them up each time they fall.


Kids grow up pretty soon but what’s important is what they learn during their growth process. They will learn everything that you do. So be wise with your actions.