30 Sad Rest In Peace Quotes And Messages

by Nicki

Rest In Peace Quotes

The feeling of sadness is beyond my grip. I didn’t expect you to leave this mortal realm this soon. Maybe, the gods loved you too much and called you to be by His side. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Quotes


Rest in peace. I am afraid your departure this time will result in the longest parting between us. But I will not shed tears for you will be going to the better place where we will meet again.

Rest In Peace Quotes


I believe your mighty soul shall never exhaust even if your body withers with time and will be immortal in the heart of your beloved, always guiding them through the stormy days. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Quotes


I hope, my friend, when your body unites with the ground below, your soul reaches the sky above to shine among the stars of the beautiful night. You will be terribly missed.


Today you closed your eyes and stopped your breath but those who loved you will remember you throughout their time. Rest in peace. May your spirit not wander but rest among the heavens.


I believe you are smiling in the sky above, freely swaying like flowers along the winds blessing us with the warm sunshine. Rest in peace beautiful. I’ll miss you.


Your death was the biggest nightmare and your loss is irreparable. But time has taught us that every life has to end. I’ll miss your company. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Quotes


I can no longer hear you laugh or sing. But I believe every wind passing through my ears is a message for me that your soul is in a good place. Rest in peace, my love.


Every place I know holds the memory of your laughter and now, I am devastated by your absence. Wherever you are I hope you are at peace.


Like the withered leaves falling to the ground, your worn-out body returned to the ground to rejuvenate until you are born again. Till then rest in peace.

Loss Of Father Quotes

Rip Quotes

Every moment of ours has been blessed with happiness. But now even when we are not together, our memories are enough to get me through this life. Rest in peace, my love.

Rip Quotes


I will remember you in all my happy and sad moments because you have been sheltering me through those stormy days. So, for now, rest in peace and let me carry on with the journey until we meet again.


Your memories are tattooed permanently in my heart and I promise you that you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.


You are in the arms of God now and I believe that you will be watching and guiding us from above. Rest in peace. We miss you a lot.

Rip Quotes


You were a true friend of mine and I will forever be grateful for all that you have done for me. I pray to god for your happiness even if it is not in this mortal world.


I am happy that you have lived your life to the fullest, and not everyone gets to live like that. Now you are safe in the arms of the Father. I hope you are at peace.


The only thing that comforts me is knowing that you have gone to a better place now. Even though your physical presence is not here, your memory will never fade from our hearts. Rest in peace.


It has been incredibly painful to know that such a lively soul is with us no more. Rest in peace. All the lives you touched with your kindness and generosity will never forget you.

Rip Quotes


The day you left for heaven was never a happy parting between us. But I believe that you had to leave. Your time with me has ended but I know in my heart that we’ll reunite. Rest in peace.


Rest in peace, my love. The pictures that have captured your soulful smile will always remain next to my bed, whispering to me that wherever you are, you are spreading happiness.

Condolence on Death of Mother

Rip Message

There are going to be days when I will yearn for your presence and it will make me sad with the realization that your physical presence won’t be possible anymore. But always remember that you live in my heart. Rest in peace, my love.

Rip Message


Life is a fairy tale but with a sad ending. Rest in peace. Although it is incredibly sad for all of us to lose such a wonderful person, it gives me solace to think that you are now in heaven, a wonderful place where God will keep you safe.


God might have wanted your help to look after His children. Maybe that’s why he took you away from us. Maybe you had a bigger destiny to fulfill. Rest in peace, brother. We miss you.


I promise to bring you your favorite flowers and keep you updated with my life. I will become the best version of myself and always keep your memories close to my heart. Think that is the only way to make you happy now. Rest in peace.

Rip Message


We had so many plans together but life had other plans for you. I hope you are happy wherever you are. Rest in peace darling. Always know that you were and still are loved by all of us.


Rest In Peace Message

I wish heaven had a staircase down to earth so that I could climb up and meet you every once in a while. Your absence is devastating to me. I pray to god that you are in a better place. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Message


My heart hurts looking at all the pictures that we have taken together. The person who was standing right beside me is gone now. You are truly missed. Rest in peace, sweetie. I hope the Lord takes good care of you.


The love I have for you in my heart will never go away even though you are not here with me. You have given me so much to remember and cherish. Thank you for all the memories. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Message


Heaven must be very pleased to have a graceful soul like you. Rest in peace, my love. I want you to be happy even if it’s not with us.


You have gone to a place where neither letters can be sent nor any phone calls can be made. It saddens me how I cannot hear you say “It will get better” anymore. Rest in peace, my friend. I pray to God to keep you safe and happy at His place.

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