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30 Exclusive Retirement Wishes for Boss to Show Your Appreciation

Whether you had a fantastic or not so fantastic relationship with your boss, if he’s retiring, you ought to wish him nicely. Let these retirement wishes for boss help you do so.

Your boss is now going to wrap up a cycle that he has been on for probably a long period. To calm down the turmoil of emotions, he might be having, greet him with all that you got. See him off, by congratulating him for coming so far and wishing him luck for the next journey he’s about to embark on.

So, what are some of the best ways to say goodbye and wish your boss a happy retirement? Here are some retirement wishes for your boss that’ll make their day and show them how much they’ll be missed.


Best 10 Retirement Wishes For Boss

1. As this journey ends for you, I hope, the workaholic in you falls asleep and the adventurous in you wakes up from a deep sleep. It’s time for you to have fun. Good luck.



2. Time has come to lay in your armchair and read books or jump off a plane; the peak of the time has come to simply be you.  Be crazy or be boring but be you.



3. It’s time to not give us guidelines but to follow the road map that your heart suggests. I hope you get the best of this time.



4. We’re thankful to you for giving us all the required resources to grow, expand, and come out better on the other side. As you’re departing this side, we wish you a peaceful journey ahead.



5. This company and we took countless hours from your time chart but we’re now setting you off the hook to have all the time by yourself, have fun.



6. The productivity nerd in you can rest now to let your body cells retreat and rejuvenate. As you’ve put down the burdens, cheers to times of long travels and naps.


7.  You’ve been the one to stir up the team in the right way, without letting anyone of us fall apart; but it’s time now to give the steering wheel to another and relax.


8. We won’t be able to find a natural-born leader like you ever. Technically, one will take your place but in our hearts, no one can take your place.



9. We’ll miss all your pep talks that saved us from dozing off in meetings but we won’t miss all the strict timelines you gave us; just kidding, we’ll miss you.


10. Only you could see through our blurred visions and believe in us regardless of our shakable beliefs in ourselves; you’re retiring from this position but you’ll be on the pedestal in our eyes forever.


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Wishes For the Retirement Of Boss

1. Congratulations, boss. Finally, the phase of retirement has arrived to free you from all nonsensical disputes and insane team members. Your phase of serenity has arrived.

Wishes For Retirement Of Boss


2. Whether the stocks of the company go up or down,  anxiety won’t now bother you because your bar of happiness is independent of that variable now and I congratulate you on that.


3. My faith in the divine has been restored as on the retirement of the man who gave his everything to this company, everyone’s empathetic heart is crying happy tears.


4. We wish to see you on the holiday trips but we want you to see us every once in a while. We’re saying goodbye to you but the journey doesn’t end here.


5. Like a hearth of the home, the warmth you brought to each of us has melted our hearts, over the years, with unbound love. Today, with undying respect, we wish you a happy retired life.


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Retirement Messages To Boss

1. May all the love and light that you’ve given to the world, to us find its way back to you in the torrents, for you’re not only a splendid boss but a magnificent being.


2. You always have put so many thoughts into each of your actions, hopefully, the zest to prepare and plan stays the same when it comes to making your retirement life a hell of a ride.


3. Like the music of old bands, your sound advice and the sensible humor can never go old to keep the work environment healthy; hence we’ll always stay in touch with you.


4. Good luck with the new phase of your life. I hope you can rejoice in each moment in it but also never forget to recall us and find a rejoice in our memories of us.


5. Looking back, I can see a series of events that has brought us and our company to the position we’re at. And I dare not forget to mention without your major share, nothing was possible.


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Funny Retirement Wishes For Boss

1. You’re retiring from the work and we’re from the place of inferiority where your unattainable productivity made us miserable; congratulations to both of us.

Funny Retirement Wishes For Boss


2. The bad news is that you’re retiring and the good news is that we’ll now be able to distract ourselves from the work and watch Tiktoks.


3. On the brighter side, you’re left with no excuses to not workout and meditate, eat healthily and get enough sleep; now nothing can stop you from doing every right thing for yourself.


4. Time will tell how retirement can benefit your health. In our case, We already know how it’s going to benefit our mental health! Happy retirement.


5. You were a savior for us. We don’t know if the next boss will love us enough to extend timelines every second day but we know that the trouble will be on his plate only.


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What To Write On A Retirement Card For Boss

1. To retire from a life that served you well might be a hard pill to swallow but with the hope that the new phase will help you revive, you’ll walk with lighter feet and heart.

What To Write On A Retirement Card For Boss


2. We wish that the retirement puts your racing heart and spinning head at rest for the time to come. Our forever love and respect for you will make us remind you every day.


3. As you’re retiring, rejoice in the fact that your anxiety regarding the work will now fade and you’ll no longer have the headaches that we were so determined to give you every day.


4. Keeping our wrenched heart aside, seeing a silver lining, we choose to wish you all that is of good, and to the muse of our company, we say goodbye and wish good luck.


5. You’re now being blessed to press the reset button and revamp your life, goals, and yourself, altogether. And we wish you luck to do so for you to have a content retired life.


While often many of us make retirement plans from an early age but when it actually comes to retiring from a position you’ve given blood, sweat and tears into; you can’t be that happy about it. A major part of your life is ending. Hence, if your boss is retiring, he’s probably going through tons of emotions. Use these retirement wishes for boss to assure him that good times lie ahead.