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40 Touching Sorry And Apology Paragraphs For Him

Relationships are fragile and we all at some point mess them up somehow. The remedy is to repair the damage immediately by apologizing. These I’m sorry paragraphs for him will help you do the right thing, which is to sincerely apologize.

A simple but sincere apology can do wonders and save relationships that are on the precipice of going into vain. If you’ve gotten into an ugly fight with him or a stupid argument or have dangerously messed up or else have made an innocent mistake, you’ll find the heartfelt sorry paragraphs that resonate with you and your scenario.

So, have a look at them and find that one perfect I’m sorry paragraph which can be your saviour.


I’m Sorry Paragraphs For Him

#1. I’m sorry. I don’t wish to get away with what I’ve done but I don’t want to let it ruin what we have either. Can you look past what I’ve done for what we have is too precious! The guilt would never set me free if I become the reason for ruining our relationship! I’m willing to do anything to earn your forgiveness.

I’m Sorry Paragraphs For Him


#2. I’m somewhere drowned in misery but, I can find an ounce of comfort in knowing that you know me and that you know that I’m not the person at the core who you witnessed yesterday. I’m better than her. I’m more sensible and sensitive than her. I’m sorry but I assure you that I won’t make it a habit and that I’ll show up at my best almost every day.



#3. I’m so sorry. I cannot believe that it was me who acted out of impulse and anger when I could’ve handled the situation in a much better, calm, and polite manner. I apologise for not having chosen the high road but can you please take one now and forgive me?



#4. Honey, I’m sorry for having been so stubborn about my views and opinions. I was being an idiot who simply wanted to be right. I was so hyperfocused on making you see my pov that I forgot to consider yours! I was so busy fuming that I didn’t even realise that I was hurting you. Once again, I’m genuinely sorry.



#5. I’m so sorry for making you go through this. Days feel longer when you’re mad at me. I believe, you know me very well hence you know I’d never say the things I did in the right state of mind. I’d never try to hurt you. It was just a bad day. But I promise I’ll do better from now on even on my worst days.

I’m Sorry Paragraphs For Him


#6. What happened yesterday feels like a nightmare to me because treating someone whom I adore and respect so much is no less than a terrifying, frightening event to me. I can’t comprehend how did I act so out of the line! I can however do anything to compensate for what I did! I’ll start by saying sorry first!



#7. I forgot that honesty and transparency are the two best policies for any long-lasting relationship. I hate to be the one who broke it! I can’t change what happened but I can take accountability for it and promise you that I’d never let my impulses and ego rule over my heart! I’m sorry.



#8. I’m sorry for having gone down the wrong path, I never intended to hurt you, betray you, and create instances where you can’t trust me or have faith in our relationship. You’re the love of my life and I would not ever in my right mind break the most beautiful and significant relationship I have.



#9. I’m sorry for having not seen both sides of the situation and then acting from a place of love and compassion. But I promise, from now onwards, I’ll not only try to communicate my thoughts and feelings better but hear yours too and be patient and gentle with you.



#10. I’m sorry for having lost control over my mind. As you’re wise beyond your age, it might be difficult for you to forgive such an impulsive and stupid act. But we have so much better things to look forward to, plus without you, my life would be meh! You’re the wow element in my life. Don’t take away the future I’ve envisioned with you living my best life because of my silly mistake.


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Sorry Paragraphs For Him After An Argument

#1. I’m sorry! The words I said didn’t hold any essence. I didn’t mean any of it. You know me, right? For the way my heart sees you, I’ve always put you on a pedestal and I’ll always. The anger made me spill things I never believed to be true, please believe me.

Sorry Paragraphs For Him After An Argument


#2. Arguments seem cute and harmless when one has a boyfriend like you. I’m so sorry for having created a scene out of nothing. I overreacted yet you didn’t lose your cool and made me calm down. Thank you for that and once again, I’m truly sorry as it wasn’t nice of me to be unreasonable to you.


#3. I was rude, mean and inconsiderate of your feelings and I feel terrified about it. I feel like a horrible person. I’m so sorry for the way I acted, I was being so selfish; I was only thinking about me and my feelings. I could’ve operated from a kind, loving, and compassionate place but instead, I did the complete opposite. Once again I’m sorry!


#4. I’m sorry. While arguments take place in all relationships, I hate it when it happens with you. I hate it when we both get caught up in anger and forget that it’ll eventually hurt both of us because we love each other so much! I, however, promise myself this time and to you too that I’ll choose kind and caring words in the heat of the moment instead of leashing out!


#5. I’m sorry. I feel like it’s a lot to ask for you to forgive me after what I’ve done as that is unforgivable. But would you be so kind as to forgive me and give me another chance to show you how much better I can do as your girlfriend?


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Long Apology Paragraph For Him

#1. I’m sorry for what I put you through. This is the coldest you’ve ever been with me and while I understand your anger toward me, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you don’t miss me. I won’t force anything but please at least try to hear my side of the story. You’d know why did I do things the way I did. It is not to prove me innocent but to assure you that what happened wasn’t intentional and that I never meant to hurt you.

Long Apology Paragraph For Him


#2. You can read this whenever you feel ready to hear from me. You wish to have your space and a bit of time away from me and I respect that but I need to tell you this before it gets too late. I’m extremely sorry for what I did. I’ve never been in such an important relationship ever in my life. While I’m grateful for it, I still wish to have many other “first” experiences with you. For such deep love we share, there is nothing that we can’t fix together.


#3. I can’t believe that I was so caught up in my head and ego that I forgot to tap into my heart space! I was so hyper-focused on making my point come across right that I forgot to hear your side. I forgot that it wasn’t about me being right and you being wrong but telling you how I was feeling and giving you the space and time to acknowledge it! I’m sorry, please, let’s sit and talk through this one more time and I’m sure everything will be alright.


#4. I wish I could have acted with calm and composure because then things would not have gotten out of control! I could have approached the situation differently and handled the conversation more maturely but I didn’t. Instead, I acted like a baby and threw a tantrum. So, when I tell you that I feel so ashamed and that I’m sorry, believe me! And if you can, forgive me. There is nothing I wish for more than being around you and loving you.


#5. I’m too ashamed to look into your eyes and talk, hence, I’m sending you this message to let you know that you’re all that matters to me and If you forgive me for one and last time for such stupidity, I’ll become the best version of me and never forget to treat you with love and respect no matter how hard life gets, I’ll choose to show up with my best version for you every day. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.

Long Apology Paragraph For Him


#6. All these years, I’ve trusted you with all my heart because I know you’re a very loyal and trustworthy man. It was a moment of weakness when all the anxious thoughts took over me and I started interrogating you like nuts! I can’t tell you how guilty I feel for having doubted you! I was simply the hostage of anxiety and overthinking for a momentary lapse and I hope you understand that! Although, I’m extremely sorry for having you put through this mess.


#7. Some mistakes can’t be forgiven. And to ask you to have a bigger heart and choose a higher road by forgiving me is a lot to ask but if you can, then please for a moment, forget what happened yesterday and think about how I’ve been with you for all this time. I’ve always treated you with so much love and respect because you hold the utmost significance in my life. Yesterday, I slipped away from the route of loyalty but I’m back on my feet and I promise you that nothing of the sort would ever take place again. I’m so sorry.


#8. I’m so relieved and glad that you’re ready to talk! Firstly, I’m so sorry for having acted like a child and not a grown adult that I’m. I forgot that you’re a human too and that you were having a tough day too. Instead of being the one to help you let your heart out and talk; I started arguing over silly things that I don’t even remember. But what matters is that I love you and no matter what it takes for me to make you forgive me, I’ll do it.


#9. I’m so sorry, honey. I still don’t understand how could I’ve put our relationship at stake when it’s the only good thing in my life. How could I’ve lost sight of the future we hold? How could I’ve stepped over my boundaries and broken the foundation of our relationship? How could I’ve been so stupid! For all the wrongs I did, it’s too much to ask for your forgiveness but if you can, for all the wonderful moments we’ve spent, for the love we share, for the future that we see together, please forgive me and start fresh with me.


#10. I’ve been meticulous almost my whole life and especially with the words I choose to communicate. I’ve been so self-aware and conscious about what I think, how I approach situations, how I operate, and everything. And I messed up yesterday! I can’t begin to tell you how guilty I feel! I’m sorry for having been my worst version this whole past week but the work stress has been getting the best of me lately however that is not the excuse to treat the love of my life like that. But I promise you, I’ll work on it.


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I’m Sorry Love Paragraphs For Him

#1. Honey, I sincerely apologise for my behaviour. I’m extremely sorry. I’m a sensible adult but the way I acted would not at all back my statement. However, I’m aware that you know me well and you’ve witnessed me handle unlikely situations like this before in very mature and constructive ways. Hence, I hope you realise that it was just a bad day and I had nothing against you.

I'm Sorry Love Paragraphs For Him


#2. I’m sorry for having been so rude and insensitive; it’s not in my nature but lately, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and stressed that I feel as if life is sleeping by. But I should’ve found an outlet to discard all this frustration and not have taken it out on you. I mean you go through the same stress as I do yet you deal with me so gently, patiently and calmly. I promise this won’t happen again ever.


#3. I’ve not been able to look at myself in the mirror because of the shame and guilt. I can’t feel worst than this. I’m so sorry. I promise it was the first and last time that you saw me acting like that. It’ll never happen again. Forgive me for I love you so much to lose you over my stupidity and insanity.


#4. Honey, I’m not here to justify what I’ve said and done because it was terrible and can’t be justified in any way but I’m here to ask you to forgive me to allow me to show you that I can do so much better than this, that what you witnessed yesterday is not me. I’m sorry for everything but give me a chance to make things right.


#5. I’m sorry. I’ve always believed in the kind of love that sets two souls free, which allows the two individuals to have their fair amount of solitude. And this time, I broke the rules and didn’t follow my definition of love and got on your nerves. I’m so sorry for having said such harsh words and making rushed judgments. You didn’t deserve that. However, forgive me for I love you the most. Let’s start fresh from here.

I'm Sorry Love Paragraphs For Him


#6. I felt attracted to you when I saw the inner strength in you that allows you to be this calm, patient, and gentle being. I not only love you so much but respect you. I put you on the pedestal for you simply being you and that is why I feel horrible for having let you down. I feel so angry at myself that your anger for me is totally justified. I’m sorry.


#7. They say no one is perfect but for me, you’re! You’re like this superhuman who never forgets to operate from a place of love and compassion. And it is why I feel so guilty for not doing my best yesterday. Nothing, no reason should excuse my behaviour! I lost my composure when I found myself in turbulence and blamed it on you; how inconsiderate of me! I’m sorry.


#8. I’m ashamed for the things I said but I hope on account of the love we share, you’d forgive me and give me another chance to rebuild our relationship from scratch but this time on a much more solid foundation with complete honesty and trust. My relationship vow now is to never break your trust! I’m sorry, allow me to show you how much I mean it!


#9. I’m sorry but the only way I can assure you that I can do better than this is when you let me have a chance to prove it to you. Trust me even if it feels so difficult to do so; you won’t regret it. Our love is strong enough to move past this situation.


#10. Our relationship is the only sunny side up I have in my life. I’m so infuriated at myself for bringing this storm into our life when you’re the one who brings the rainbows! While I’m ashamed of my actions I also have faith in us that together we can move past this and save our beautiful relationship! I’m sorry; please give me a chance to make things right.


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#1. I’m sorry. You mean the world to me and I’d never want to be the reason to fall apart from this most meaningful relationship I’ve ever been in! Sometimes, when the voices of my traumas take over, I forget to listen to the inner voice that knows how much you love me. But, it isn’t okay and fair to burden you with my baggage. I promise I won’t repeat it.

How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend For Hurting His Feelings Paragraph


#2. “You’re not like any of the men I’ve dated in the past and hence you won’t ever do what they did,” I seem to not get this simple fact! I’m sorry for bombarding you with those questions and being totally unreasonable. If there is anything I want to be then it is your life partner and hence I know I’ve gotta let go of my past hurt but also know that I trust you wholeheartedly.


#3. I’m sorry for being so obsessive and possessive over you. My insecurities sometimes paint a picture that is never close to reality. And I sincerely apologise for it. I’ll go to therapy to work on my issues and become a better person but please don’t think of breaking up with me even for a minute.


#4. I’m sorry. By seeing all the patterns of my behaviour in the past, I believe I put on my defence mode whenever I feel someone can take over me and neglect my views and opinions but I often forget that it is YOU. You have always treated me with such respect and love that I’ve nothing to worry about.


#5. I’m sorry. I now realise that you were right all along but I didn’t listen to you. My goal was to win the argument but forgot that it wasn’t a competition. From now on, I’ll make my point come across most respectfully and lovingly and focus more on how to resolve the issue and less on what caused it and definitely not on blaming you for everything.


To conclude, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes but as long as we own up to those mistakes, recognise the hurt we’ve caused, apologise for it and claim to not repeat it, then we’re doing our best. These heartfelt I’m sorry paragraphs for him will come in handy as they carry the bundle of words that will be so healing if your boyfriend/husband hears them from you. They’ll know then that you care enough to apologise and make it up to them and that they can trust you again!

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