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35 Powerful Birthday Prayers To My Son

Sons and Daughters are like the best gifts to the parents, and what can be a better occasion than their birthday to pray to God for their health and happiness? Share these “birthday prayers to my son” quotes with them and fill their birthday with best wishes.

Make your child’s birthday celebration memorable with “birthday prayers to my son” quotes, and pray for their safety and success. Whether you plan to add this prayer to their birthday card or send them over the phone, it should tell your deepest feelings. This small yet meaningful effort can bring a bright smile to your son’s face.

Here are some heartfelt birthday prayers for son quotes, which you can share with your son or create your message structured upon them.


Happy Birthday Prayers For Son

#1. Happy birthday, son. You are our Sun. We are thankful to have you in our life to shower you with love. On this memorable occasion, I pray to God to shower you with blessings from heaven above.

Happy Birthday Prayers For Son


#2. Hey champ, Happy birthday! Have a fun-filled, exciting birthday celebration with your friends and family. May God give you plenty of occasions to smile and keep you healthy.


#3. Dear son, may this year bring you all the joys in this universe. I hope efforts towards success earn you admirable achievements in all your endeavors. Let me wish you a happy birthday in verse.


#4. Happy birthday Son! Life with you is no sorrow and only fun. On this day, I like to remind you that you are synonymous with the word “joy” to me. I hope you get everything your heart desires without any difficulty.


#5. Dear son, you are like the bright light that can shine on anything dark or dim. May God give you strength, health, and opportunities to fulfill your dream. Dear son, celebrate a magnificent birthday and remember to seize the moment today.

Happy Birthday Prayers For Son


#6. Son, I feel pleasure to see you growing up in front of my eyes. On your birthday, I pray to the Heavenly Father to fill your life with everything nice.


#7. Birthday boy, I am proud of you for being passionate, hardworking, and bold. May you have the courage to stand up for your right and fight your way through the world.


#8. Son, here comes another milestone of your life, and I pray to God to shower His blessings on you. May you have a wonderful year ahead with your loved ones who will sing today, “Happy Birthday to You!”


#9. I wish you a fabulous birthday, son, and good morrow. Please remember I am always there for you in happiness and sorrow. May the guiding light of the Almighty shine upon you and show you the right path today and tomorrow.


#10. Baby, on your birthday, I want to thank God for making you such a lovely human being. May you get plenty of chances to experience prosperity and joy amidst all living beings.


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Peaceful Birthday Prayers To My Son Turning 1

#1. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for bringing endless joy to us in the form of our son. Please keep him healthy and happy so that his smile can stay as bright as the sun.

Birthday Prayers To My Son Turning 1


#2. Dear Lord, on my little one’s birthday, I Thank You for all the precious moments, You gifted us. Please give him a compassionate mind for growing up as a soul radiating happiness without fuss.


#3. Happy first birthday to my cute little son! May God bless and help you to flourish like the prettiest flower blossoming in the Spring’s Sun.


#4. Almighty Father, as we celebrate our son’s first birthday, we pray for your blessings for our little boy. Please protect him from evil and give him a life with love and joy.


#5. On the first birthday of our little one, we want to thank the Lord for being our Protector. May our boy stay on the path of truth forever, and may God’s love and grace guide him and help him to become a fighter.

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Short Birthday Prayers For A Son

#1. You know you will always remain my little boy no matter how old you get. Celebrate a great birthday and eat lots of cake and ice cream without regret.

Short Birthday Prayers For A Son


#2. May your birthday be as awesome to you as you have been a son to me. Be safe on your birthday adventures on your favorite sea.


#3. I cannot believe you are growing up so fast with a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy a great day while accepting my birthday wishes, my son.


#4. I have watched you grow and learn, and I am proud to call you my son. Do not tell your siblings that you are my favorite one. Have a wonderful birthday, dear son.


#5. While being far apart, you will always be present in my heart. I hope your birthday is as fun as watching you grow was for me, just like an art.

Short Birthday Prayers For A Son


#6. Happy Birthday, son. I love you from the day you were born. You have added a lot of amazing things to my life. I really cannot imagine my life without you and your wise advice.


#7. Words cannot express our gratitude because we have a son like you. Thank you for making our life complete without any due. I pray to Lord so that we can celebrate the happiest birthday with you.


#8. Birthday boy, you are the best example of everything right that this world upholds and will uphold. We are proud of you for being a person, so straightforward and bold.


#9. Have a fab birthday, birthday boy. You are our greatest joy. Your remarkable souls make our hearts burst with pride. Now we will start looking for your bride.


#10. Son, your eyes give me the strength to fight back when things go off route. You make it easy for us to go through life without any dispute. The birthday boy looks so cute.

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Birthday Prayer For Son From Mom

#1. On your birthday, I want to thank God for giving you to us. But every time, please stop creating a fuss.

Birthday Prayer For My Son From Mom


#2. People say you have a cute face and smile. But I love your eyes and heart because that makes you look good in every style. I pray to God to protect you from the world’s cruelty and the scorching heat of this Sun. Celebrate the happiest Birthday, my son.


#3. I cannot explain my gratitude to God because she has you. But Mom will always scold you for your wrongdoings too. Happy Birthday, dear. I pray Lord to be there with you to take care.


#4. You know I always try to worry less and not think about you, but I guess that is what is a mom’s job. Happy Birthday, son, and I pray to God to always keep you at the top.


#5. My good luck is at its best because God gave you in my life. You are my heartbeat, and I need you to remain alive. Happy Birthday sweet son. I pray to Lord that you get a life filled with fun!


Birthday Prayers For Son From Dad

#1. I will save you from your mom’s scolding because that is how a father shows love. Happy Birthday, my son, and remember your place lies all above.

Birthday Prayers For My Son From Dad


#2. I cannot wait to see you grow old and play golf with me. You are a blessing, I agree. Let me wish the happiest birthday to my son, my cutie.


#3. Son, you are the sole owner of my heart. You are everything a father desire in a child, my sweetheart. Celebrate a fab birthday and have fun, son.


#4. You know your cute smile is the thing I can die for. May God always protect you from all the harm from before. Accept the birthday wishes from your dad, and there is more!


#5. On your birthday, you filled our lives with happiness and laughter. I hope I always remain your superhero hereafter. Happy birthday, dear son, and may God bless you with good health forever.


The bond that a child shares with their parents is always special. Hence, there comes a ton of happiness and memories with the birth of a son. Celebrate your son’s birthday with these “birthday prayers to my son” quotes.

Your prayer can be a precious gift for your child as it will hold your best wishes for their health, protection, and safety. Your words will express your love for them, and you may also use these “birthday prayers to my son” to tell them what they mean to you.
You may also use your thoughts and words to compose “birthday prayers to my son” quotes and share them with your loving son.

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