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25 Condolence Messages to Colleague Or Coworker

Condolence Message to Colleague

My heart ached to hear about your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences. We are deeply saddened to know that she is no more. Stay strong. 

Condolence message to colleague


It is hard to bear the loss of such a great person, but life leaves us with no choice. I always looked up to him for inspiration. May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

Condolence quotes for colleague


His sudden demise came with a lot of agonies. Even though his physical presence is not felt, he will always be inside our hearts. We have to stay strong. 

Condolence message for colleague


Your heart must be crying for the loss of such an honorable person. (Name) was such an inspiration to all of us. He will always remain in our hearts.


God takes away good people too soon. It is said that good people are needed to watch us from heaven. Maybe he took (name) early for the same reason.


A kind soul is resting in heaven now, in a better place far away from here. We should be happy for him. May he find peace there.


The whole office is thinking of him. Please accept our condolences. We sympathize with the significant loss that has come upon you. I hope you stay strong. 

Condolences to coworker


Please accept our condolences. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. He was such a fantastic person and a great friend of mine.


Words cannot express how heartbreaking it is to realize that he is not with us anymore. He has made a positive impact on all of our lives, and we are forever grateful to him for all he did for us.


Please don’t hesitate to ask us for anything if you need it. You can always count on us to do whatever we can to make things better for you. May his soul rest in peace.


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Condolences to Coworker

It was really sad to hear about your loss, but please remember that you are not the only one to bear it because we all loved her with all our hearts. We will greatly miss her. 

Condolences quote to Coworker


He is in better hands now that he is in the hands of God. He was a humble person with a kind heart. We will miss him every day.


Office doesn’t seem like a good place to work without him, but there is no other option than to work. His sudden demise has made our hearts numb. 


Death is so uncertain, but, sadly, it is obvious. Everyone has to die one day. We have all lost someone so close to our hearts. May he rest peacefully.

Condolences quote to coworker


It is not easy to bear the loss of such a great soul. May lord bless him with every kind of joy up above. May his soul rest easy. 


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Sympathy Message for Coworker

I still cannot believe that he is not with us anymore. Words cannot describe how my heart aches to realize the loss that we are bearing. May his soul rest in peace in heaven. 

Sympathy message for coworker


During this difficult time of loss, know that the whole office is thinking of you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you in any way. 


When it comes to great inspiration, we will always remember him. His physical presence is not possible, but his memories will forever warm our hearts. 


On this difficult time, we are thinking of you. May our prayers bring you peace and comfort. Have faith in God. He will make everything okay. 

Condolence Quote for Coworker


Sending you love and prayers during this harsh time. We have lost our beloved too. May our prayers reach him, and may he be resting in peace. 


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Condolence Message for Coworker

It is such a tragic time of your life. I sympathize with your loss. We lost a good motivator this year. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Condolence message for coworker


He was the captain of his life. His dedication towards a better life always amazed us. It’s sad how he is not with us anymore. May he enjoy life up in heaven. 


Life is hard right now, but it won’t be hard forever. He must be watching us from above. May this great man rest peacefully at his new home.


At this difficult time of the year, we are here for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. May our presence bring you comfort.


He was such a motivating worker whose work was an example for all of us. It is unbelievable how short one’s life can become. We miss him. 

Sympathy message for coworker