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Thank You for Condolences – Messages And Notes

Thank you for condolences messages are your way of thanking people for their support when you have recently lost someone very close to your heart. No matter how much you miss them, you have to accept that they are never coming back. It feels like your world has been shattered into a million different pieces.

During such a hard time, there will be many people to express their sympathy towards your loss. And it gets hard to express your gratitude towards their kind messages. So, here are some thank you for condolences quotes to help you find the right words in such a situation.


Thank you for condolences

Thank you for being the support pillar that we needed during this hard time. You have always been someone kind to the people in need.

Thank you for condolences quotes


During this hard time, holding on to the purest hearts like you is what we need to do. Thank you for your good wishes for our family.

Thank you quotes for condolences


Thank you for your condolences. Your kind words towards our loss give us the strength to overcome this hard situation. It means so much to us.

Thank you for condolences quotes


Words of sympathy and hope are important during such a difficult time. Thank you for sparing some time to come and visit us. Thanks a lot.


Our hearts were much heavier before we received all of the hopeful and sweet messages. They were really overwhelming. Thank you so much.


Being there for each other during a hard time is what friends do. Thank you for showing me the meaning of true friendship. I appreciate your kind words towards our loss.


Thank you for standing beside me during the time of damage. I much appreciate your faithfulness towards a true friendship.

Thank you messages for condolences


Thank you for being thoughtful and sending us messages that give us the power to overcome this loss. We appreciate that very much.


Thank you so much for your sympathy. We accept your condolences and prayers. Your valuable time to send us such messages is what gives us hope to rise again.


I am not very expressive, but I want to let you know that I appreciate your condolence messages and prayers. May your prayers reach God.


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Thank You for Your Condolences

We appreciate that you have spent your valuable time pouring overwhelming love during such a hard time. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your condolences messages


Kind words help a lot during the time of grief. Thank you for helping us with dealing with the harsh reality of life.


Thank you for trying to cheer us up during the time of grief. The damage is already done, but your love and support help us deal with it.


I know that you are busy with your own life. But I appreciate that you did not fail to send us good wishes and love when it’s hard to even breathe. Thank you.


Such generosity is what people crave during this time. Thank you all for spending your valuable time to help us not lose hope on ourselves.

Thank you messages for your condolences


Your kind words helped me to keep that faith with me. Lord sees everything, and I know that he will make things right.


I am thankful to you for helping me deal with a great loss. I know that when you are born, death is obvious. Thank you for helping me understand this.


You have helped me to stand still during this difficult time. I thank all of you for your loving messages. I appreciate that you thought of me in the time of loss.


Losing someone close to your heart is very tough. But I was able to understand the reality and overcome it because of your love and support. Thank you.

Thank you quotes for your condolences


This is the most painful moment of my life as I have lost the closest person to my heart. But I thank you for making me realize that this is life, and you got to overcome it.


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Thank You Message for Condolences

Thank you for expressing your sympathy and helping me accept that he is not with us anymore. You are the definition of a true friend.

Thank you message for condolences


I don’t know how to say this, but I want to take a moment to thank you for the very comforting messages.


You have shown me what true friendship is by being there for me during my hard time. You cheer me up and bring strength to me to cope with this situation.


You made me realize that I am not only the one to deal with such a situation. Thank you so much for making me understand that.

Thank you texts for condolences


Thank you for your condolences. You have done what a true friend would. And I am grateful for that. I appreciate your presence.


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Thank You for Your Condolences Message

I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I just want to thank all of you who spared their valuable time to send those condolence messages.

Thank you for your condolences quotes


Thank you for your condolences. That means the world to me. It helped me stay strong in this difficult phase of my life.


My world was completely shattered due to his death. But I have hopes of building one and not losing faith. It’s all because of your motivational words.


It was very nice of you to send us condolence messages. Thank you so much. I hope this card will help you to understand my gratitude for your kindness.


I consider myself very lucky to have a friend like you who loves and supports me no matter what I am going through. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your condolences message