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35 Best Condolences Message for Loss of Pet – Pet Sympathy Quotes

Pets are often considered as a cheerful family member. And it will be heartbreaking when one day, you come home and find him gone. The pain will not be any less than that of losing a human. If someone you know has lost their pet, here are some condolences message for loss of pet.

Pets are the best companion and support systems. It is true when people say that pets are a man’s best friend. Your pet is there for you, wagging his tail when no one is. No one greets you and welcomes you home as happy as a pet does. So, When someone loses their pets, suffering is unmeasurable.


Condolences for Loss of Pet

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. He was such a good pet. May the loving memories of your pooch provide you comfort when you’re upset.

Condolences Quotes for Loss of Pet


Sooner or later, everyone has to leave this earth one day. Don’t be sad because she left, be happy thinking about how she happily spent her entire life with you.

Condolences Quotes about Loss of Pet


Even if your fur baby is physically somewhere else, his memories are forever in our hearts. We were blessed to have a good pet like him.

Condolences for Loss of Pet Quotes


I heard that little Fido won’t be here to greet us whenever we visit your place anymore. I am so sorry. All of us will greatly miss him.


I am so sorry for the loss. I know it’s hard to bear the loss of a best friend, a pet, but we have to go through it. Stay strong.


He spent his entire life being with a kind-hearted person like you. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you.


I know how you loved your fur baby with all your heart. During this time of loss, know that I am thinking of you. Take care.

Condolences Quotes for Loss of Pet


Sometimes things don’t go as we plan them to. And somehow you need to learn how to be okay with that. I’m sorry for your loss.


I know the amazing bond you had with your pupper. It was amazing how you both got each other. And I am extremely sad to know that he is gone. My condolences reach out to you.


It was really heartbreaking to hear the news. His loss not only affects you but all of us. I am sorry. Know that you are in my prayers.


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Sympathy for Pet Loss

We will greatly miss Bruno. He was such a cheerful member of the family. And it’s heartbreaking to know that he is not with us anymore.

Sympathy Messages for Pet Loss


Please know that I am thinking of you during this difficult situation. It is hard to find a friend who is so loyal and loving. All of us will miss her terribly.


I am just so sorry to hear about your loss. May the loving remembrance of your moments together warm your heart in his absence.


Even though (pet’s name) is not physically present with you, he will always be watching over you from heaven wagging his tail. He was adorable in many ways.


You were a loving and caring and, overall, an awesome pet mom. I must say that she never had a sad moment with you. May her memories help you ease your pain.

Sympathy quotes for Pet Loss


Losing a best friend is not easy. I am thinking of you in this tough time. You can call me or text me whenever you feel lonely. I will be there for you.


It was heartbreaking to hear the news of (pets name) death. He deserves to be in a good place. He was a real gem.


Good beings leave the earth pretty soon. We know that he was the best. Take care of yourself and remember me if you want a shoulder to cry on.


I know it is a tough phase to be at. No one wants to lose a beloved pet like him. He will be missed not only by you but all of us. He was so dear.

Sympathy Messages for Pet Loss


I am sorry. May the pain in your heart go away. My prayers are always with you and (pet’s name). Take care, dear.


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Pet Sympathy Quotes

I want you to know that I understand what you are going through and I feel sorry for you. My heart is broken too.

Pet Loss Sympathy Quotes


I know that your pet meant so much to you, and I sympathize with his loss. I know he is at a good place today because he was the sweetest when he was here.


His death was a big loss for all of us. His physical presence is gone, but the memories will forever stay with us. May God give you the strength to overcome this situation.


In this difficult time of loss, I am thinking of you. My prayers reach out to you. May his memories provide you the strength to move on.


I can only imagine what you went through when your beloved pet was gone. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you stay strong.

Pet Loss Sympathy Messages


It doesn’t matter if it was a human or a pet. He was your best friend and a companion. I am so sorry. Stay strong, and take care of yourself.


It is hard to accept that (pet’s name) is gone forever, but his memories are permanently imprinted on our hearts. He was a unique dog.


May the memories of him in your heart help you deal with this situation. We will miss him. Take care, dear friend.


I’m so sorry. We will greatly miss him. Losing a best friend is never easy, but you have to deal with it when there is no other option.

Pet Loss Sympathy Quotes


Sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy. May it help you stay strong throughout the hard days.


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Comforting Words for Loss of Pet

It is sad how animals don’t have a long life span. Sooner or later, we have to go through their loss, and it’s heartbreaking. But we have to deal with it.

Comforting Words for Loss of Pet


I know how close you both were and how (pets name) was there with you all his life. He has a special place in your heart, and I know it will stay that way forever.


Having to deal with a pet’s loss is the worst thing. Because you know that your best companion is gone, please accept my condolences.


Our family is incomplete without (pet’s name). He left us too soon. I’m sorry. May the times when we recall his memories bring us comfort.


Pawty was your best friend and the best comforter. She has permanently left a paw mark on all of our hearts and was such a special dog.

Comforting Words for Loss of Pet