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30 Flirty Text For Him To Create Romantic Mood

If you’re looking for some quality flirty texts for him, you’re at the right place. These days having a conversation can go downhill quickly as we run out of things to talk about pretty soon. We know it’s such a pain when the conversation ends. All the pick-up lines can be so cheesy these days as they are already used or too common. If you are looking for some unique ideas to flirt with the guy, you like to keep the conversation lively, here are some ideas. These can definitely hold him in having conversations with you as the flirty text is the least he expects, and he cannot run away from it.


Flirty Text For Him

Usually, it is the guy who makes the first move, but I made ours by texting you; now I expect you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.

Flirty text for him


I just had this fantastic idea about Netflix and chill. I got my Netflix on; now I’m wondering if you are down to chill.


Now that I’ve texted you, I’m expecting a reply. A reply not so dry or a response that gets me on cloud nine. Just an answer that gets us started by the end of the night.

Flirty text for him


I just finished reading an excellent book. So I wanted to ask if you can come by to pick it up. You can get the book which you may like and, in turn, I get to see the person I like.

Flirty text for him


I find it intimidating that you can make me feel so much through a text. Next time we meet again, I may not be able to keep my hands to myself for sure.


I know it’s cheesy, but I think about you all the time before I go to bed and as soon as I wake up. Don’t you get tried running through my brain all the time?


Hey there, I have nothing to say and am very bad at conversation. Would you try having a full conversation to check how bad I’m at this?

Flirty text for him


All other people in my life are tired of hearing about you all the time. I keep talking about you, but I always end up asking myself how to talk to you. Can you help me out? I am running out of things to say to them.


Are you a prince? You swept me away from my feet when I first saw you. You look nothing like the prince charming I dream about every night, yet I cannot stop thinking about you.


I saw you in my dreams yesterday; everything about it was so perfect. I could tell you about it but even thinking about it makes me so shy.


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Flirty Pick Up Lines For Texting

The initials U and I are together on a keyboard. It’s a sign; we should also be together. When are you coming to me then?


As we were texting, I felt a little distance crawl inside me, so I removed the space bar on my keyboard to feel close to you. Howaboutwemeetalready?


The first thing that crosses my mind when I see you is a rope. You may wonder why; it’s because you look a little knotty. Just my type!


I know you are obsessed with shopping, so I request you to add me to your cart. I’ll come free with every purchase you make.

Flirty pick up lines for texting


I just pinched myself to make sure that this is not a dream. I’m amazed by the resemblance as you look exactly like the person I dream about every night.


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Flirty Good Morning Text For Him

Good morning, baby. Are you feeling tired? I dreamt about you, and you and I were off to a beautiful adventure full of romance and action. I hope your body doesn’t ache 😉



The weather is quite cloudy today, but your good morning makes my day sunny. Good morning my ray of sun.


Hey, good morning. What’s up? I know it’s too early, and maybe I do know what’s up, but even I’m up for anything, love.


I was dreaming about you all night, so I could not stop texting you as soon as I woke up. Good morning my dream guy.



Good morning, love. I hope this text brings a smile as soon as you wake up, just like I smile whenever I get a text from you.


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Flirty Good Night Texts For Him

I am thinking of you as I drift off to sleep, hoping to meet you there and fulfill all my desires with you. Good night love.



I am curled up in my bed. I am hugging my pillow tight, wishing it to be you. This way, it’s easier to fall asleep. Good night honey.


I wore your tee to sleep every night; it had your fragrance. As it loses its aroma, I wish you were here more and more. Good night.


You may be getting ready for bed, sending you a tight virtual hug, lots of kisses, a big smile, and a sweet dream about us. Good night.



Before I sleep, my thoughts are always involved in thinking of you kissing me before closing my eyes. Good night honey.


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Best Flirty Text to Send A Guy

Hey stranger, I know we never meet each other before, but can we change that? I don’t want to call someone who looks like a dream a stranger. Let’s get to know each other.



I was about to order food, but the menu suggested that I shouldn’t be eating out alone. Why don’t we grab a meal together instead?


I have an idea, how about I ask you out, and you agree to it. We can make great memories and meanwhile blush thinking about it.


Hey, I know you have been thinking about me a lot lately. To save you from trouble, I’m coming to meet you right now. I am on my way to your place.



Is it cheesy if I say I heard a song, and it reminded me of you? I just listened to a song on YouTube, and it described us perfectly.