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40 Emotional Goodbye Quotes For Friends And Family

Saying goodbye is not easy and sometimes it is even harder to find the right words to bid farewell to a loved one even if it’s temporary. Searching for goodbye quotes online can make it easier for you to write a heartfelt message for your friends and family members who you have to say bye to.

A goodbye message will make the person who is leaving or going somewhere, feel special and loved. Here are 40 quotes that you can use or take inspiration from to say goodbye to someone and let them know how you feel about them and their presence will be missed.


Goodbye Quotes:

You are one amazing person whose presence will be truly missed by all of us. Have a safe journey. Goodbye, my friend!

Goodbye Quotes


You have ended your journey here and headed towards your new destination. I hope God will always be your guide and bless you with everything you have dreamt of. Goodbye.

heartfelt good bye quotes


Now that I am bidding farewell to you, I can’t help but think about how you have filled my life with so much happiness that can never be replaced. Stay safe. Goodbye.

emotional goodbye quotes


I have had the most amazing years of my life, spent laughing and exploring the world with you guys. It’s so hard to say goodbye now!


It is so difficult to say goodbye to people who mean the world to you and have always supported you in life no matter what. I will really miss you. Goodbye!


Saying goodbye to the best people in life is not easy. But life has to move forward and my destination is calling my name. See you guys soon. Goodbye.


Goodbye, friends. However, just know that this goodbye is not forever. I can’t wait to get back to you all and relive all the memories that we have made together.



Today, I have started a new chapter in life and so have you. We have worked tirelessly to reach our goals and I know we will continue to do so. Stay blessed. Goodbye!


There is no distance, no borders, or time zones in this world that can take our hearts away from each other. I will miss you so much. Goodbye.


Even though you are just leaving, I am already planning to welcome you back in the best way possible. Stay safe and never forget my love for you. Goodbye.


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Saying Goodbye Quotes:

Saying goodbye can be painful but I know you have your goals waiting for you. Wish you all the very best in your life. Have a wonderful journey.

Sad Goodbye Quotes


No matter how far away you are from us, I want you to stay happy, positive, and motivated. Take care of yourself. Goodbye!


I will always remember your smile and your power to turn all gloomy situations into cheery ones. You are nothing less than a blessing to us. I hope you always stay happy. Goodbye.


Wishing you all the success, happiness, prosperity, and positive energy in life. May God bless you with the best things in life. Goodbye, dear!


May the new chapter in your life fill your life with the brightest of light and peace. Stay happy and stay blessed. Goodbye.


I am partly glad and partly sad about your departure. Sad because we won’t get to see you here now and glad because you are finally reaching close to your goals. Goodbye.


Goodbye, my buddy, as we will be in different time zones from now on but, trust me, you will always be my go-to person. Stay happy!


Farewell to you, my friend! I am seriously going to miss you. Life will be a little less colorful without you. Cannot wait to have you back here with me.


You are leaving us with a thousand memories to look back at and smile. May you have everything that you have ever desired. Goodbye!


Saying goodbye does not mean you are leaving our life forever. We will cherish you forever and always. Have a wonderful life!


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Funny Goodbye Quotes:

You are starting a new chapter in your life today and heading in a different direction. But don’t worry, you will always be remembered as the girl who got us delicious food. Goodbye, pal!



It is worrying about saying goodbye to a person who is so prone to silly accidents. Just do not trip and fall! Take care.


Now that we are done running after deadlines, I hope you catch up on your sleep in your childhood home. See you soon, raccoon!


I hope you never forget to be your silly and goofy self. You have always been the life of the parties. Goodbye, have a wonderful life!



It is hard to say goodbye to the person who owes you a bunch of money. I will come right after you! Love you, brother.


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Sad Goodbye Quotes:

A minute without you is like years of loneliness. It will be so hard to live without you but the hope for us to be finally back together is what will keep me going. Goodbye!

Sad Goodbye Quotes


We had spent only a few days together and the time for you to leave is already here. It is so heartbreaking but my prayers are with you. Stay safe. Goodbye.


With a heavy heart, I am saying goodbye to the most helpful and supportive person in my life. You are truly a gem. I wish you have an amazing journey ahead.


Never thought I will be saying goodbye to my best friend but your bright future is waiting for you. Sending all the blessings your way.

Sad Goodbye Quotes


As I say goodbye to you, all the precious moments we have spent with each other are replaying in front of my eyes. I hope we get to share beautiful times again. Goodbye.


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Goodbye Quotes For Friends:

Hey buddy, I know we are equally emotional right now but heading towards a bigger city is the best option for your bright future. Can’t wait to see you at the top. Goodbye!



We started with a casual hello and now we are inseparable best friends. It is hard to bid farewell to an amazing person like you. Bye, stay safe!


This goodbye is not an end to our friendship; it will only strengthen the bond between us. May we get to see each other soon.


We have had the most wonderful life together since childhood but now it’s time to say goodbye. Can’t wait to meet the upgraded you. Goodbye!


I am that one friend who will blow up your phone with messages and calls whenever I’ll miss you. Goodbye, my friend!



The days just passed away so quickly and it’s time for you to leave now. We will always be the best friends that we are. Don’t forget that I am just one text away. Goodbye.


I wish you could spend a few more days with me and make my life even happier. You will be missed dearly. Goodbye!


I am teary-eyed while writing this but the best things in life come to an end. I hope you have an amazing life ahead. Goodbye, a partner in crime!



I can surely say, that saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I have for you. I hope you achieve what you are seeking. Take care!


Sadly, the time to say goodbye is here. I have nothing but positivity and love in my heart for you. I hope you lead a fantastic life.