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25 Emotional Goodbye Quotes for Friends

Here we have for you some of the most heart-touching goodbye quotes for friends. Saying goodbye to your friends is always hard. You can never say goodbye without a heavy heart. The feeling about not being able to see them as often as before is enough to shatter your heart into pieces. If you are looking for ways to say goodbye to your friends, here are some ideas.


Goodbye Quotes for Friends

Goodbye can never tear us apart. We are connected by our hearts, and nothing can ever change that fact. I will always think about you.

Goodbye Quotes for Friends


No matter where we are, we will always be best friends. You will always be the first person that will cross my mind whenever anything happens.

Goodbye Messages for Friends


You are not only my friend, but you are also like my family. You have been my home and my shoulder to cry on. I will miss you badly.


May this goodbye be the last one until we meet again. Till then, I’ll cherish every moment I spent with you in my heart. You’ll always be in my thoughts. Goodbye.


I have to say goodbye now but always remember that I will never let go of any opportunity to see you again. Till then, best wishes and goodbye.

Farewell Quotes for Friends


My heart refuses to say goodbye, but there is nothing in power that I can do right now. Counting days till we meet again. Goodbye.


I may force the word goodbye out of my mouth, but my heart will never admit to it. You have a special place in my heart. I’ll miss you.


I laugh a little louder whenever I’m with you. Now that you are leaving, I find no reason to smile anymore. I cannot see you go.

Goodbye Quotes for Friends


The only reason I’m saying goodbye now is that I know this is not the end. We will meet again some other time, till then goodbye.


You have given me some of the happiest memories cherish until we meet again. I can’t wait to make more of them when we meet again.


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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Goodbyes are never the end. It cannot end the relation of hearts. We will always find a reason to come back to each other. I will miss you.

Saying Goodbye to a Friend


Always remember, my friend, that no matter where far we are, I will always be there for you. Go where life takes you.


No distance is big enough to resist us from meeting each other. We will meet when time favors us till goodbye and best wishes.


Goodbye, friend, it was one heck of a ride. I have so many beautiful memories with you, and I’ll hold unto them till the end of time.

Saying Goodbye to My Friend


In this final moment, I want to admit that you were the greatest friend one could ever wish for. You never left my side. I will miss you a lot.


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Farewell Message to a Friend

Dear friend, it is decided that you will no longer stay. I cannot help but agree with the fact. I don’t want you to leave, but I cannot force you to stay. I wish you all the luck.

Farewell Message to a Friend


Though I took you for granted at times, now when you are leaving, I realize that you mean a lot more to me. I will always miss your presence.


I hope you find a friend who takes care of you as I do. May he take away the feeling of my absence. I hope you the best.


I wish you all the best in your journey. Remember, when you leave, you are taking away a piece of me with you, and I hope you take good care of it.

Farewell Message to a Friend


I never imagined that you could leave my side. Life has its ways, and I know it will find ways to bring us back together. Goodbye.


Quotes About Friends Moving Away

It was our choice to be friends, and though life has plans to separate us, it will never be able to drive us apart. We will always be connected by the heart.

Quotes About Friends Moving Away


Sorry for all the times that I may have unknowingly hurt you or caused you pain. I never meant to do that. Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.


If only I knew saying goodbye to you could be this traumatic, I could have never said hello to you years ago. It hurts to see you leave.


How can I say goodbye to a friend that I cannot imagine my life without? I know we both are suffering in silence while our heart is screaming at the top of its voice.

Emotional Quotes About Friends Moving Away


I won’t be there at the airport to wave your last goodbye; instead, I choose to be in the room, crying my eyes out and hoping the pain would go away. Goodbye.