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40 Cute Birthday Wishes And Quotes For Kids With Love

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

The most awaited day has come again. Happy birthday, my lovely kid! You are my pride and the best kid in the whole world. Every day I pray to God to make you a great person! Have a life with a lot of adventure and excitement.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids

Happy birthday, my little munchkin! Your presence gives me the pleasurable joy. I’ll try my best to not let any sadness and unhappiness come into your life. Always keep the beautiful smile on your face.

Congratulations, the world’s naughtiest kid for your birthday! Today nobody will stop you from your naughtiness. Eat a lot of cake, candy and celebrate the day with your little buddies.

Birthday Wishes for Kids

My beloved boy, happy birthday! You can’t imagine how happy I’m to see your healthy growth. Never forget the learn you’re given by your loved ones. May God remove all the sorrows from your life and give you a blissful life!

happy birthday wishes for kids

Congratulations for another year of your existence, my little nephew! It’s your day, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy every moment. I wish you’ll get a lot of gifts and surprises! Much love for you.

Today is one of the greatest days for us because on this day an angel was born. Happy birthday, my beautiful girl. I can have the incredible peace with your presence. May God enlighten your path and give you prosperity in life!

Finally, the most awaited day has returned. Happy birthday, my child! You’re the reason for my happiness. Love you from the core of my heart. Never feel alone on your way of life because I’ll always here to support you.

My dear grandson, happy birthday! This is my good fortune that I’m still alive to play with you, to love you, to care for you and to celebrate your birthday with you, my child. Start your day with a smile and keep it always.

happy birthday wishes for grandson

My beautiful niece, happy birthday! You’re growing fast but I want you to remain our little princess always. I love you, my child. You’re always in my prayers.

birthday wishes for children

A few years ago on this day, God has awarded me with the best gift of my life. My angle, happy birthday! You’re the prettiest flower in the garden of my heart. I can’t express what you mean to me. Always be happy with whatever you have. Stay blessed!

It’s a big day today and I’m here to wish a very happy birthday to the best kid. Congratulations, my dear son. You’re the one who always keeps the house lively and cheerful. Without you, our life is incomplete. May the Almighty make you a virtuous person!

Happy birthday, my little child! You’re my daily companion without whom I can’t imagine a single day. I know that God has the best plan for the best boy like you. May your path always be blessed!

birthday wishes for kids

I can’t imagine that time is flying so fast. It seems that we have celebrated your 7th birthday last week but today, you’ve turned into 8. Happy birthday, my youngest nephew! Keep smiling and be happy today and always.

My little daughter, there’s no word to explain the love I feel for you. I’m the happiest mother because you born from my womb. I wish every moment brings new hopes for you. May you have much love, glory, success and everything best! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my princess! No matter how older you become, always keep the sensitivity and innocentness of your childhood to yourself. Learn more to achieve more reward and success. God bless you, darling!

Birthday Quotes for Kids

Happy birthday, the sweetest girl in our family! You’re a special part of my heart and will always be. May every day of your life brings new happiness for you! Enjoy a lot. My blessings are always with you, my baby doll.

Birthday Quotes for Kids

My angel, happy birthday! You were my dream that comes true. Always remember that you will always find your mother beside you who will always support you for all your good deeds. Have a life full of happiness! Love you, dear!

Happy birthday, my handsome nephew! You’re an extraordinary kid with a lot of patience and intelligence. I’m so proud of you. A beautiful life is waiting for you, my child. May God keep showering his blessings upon you!

My lovely niece, I still remember the day you born, the moment I took you in my arms. That was really one of the most precious time. I’m so happy that, you’ve turned 8 today. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I wish that all your dreams come true and you have a wonderful life!

birthday quotes for kids

I am so thankful to God because he blessed me with a lovely son like you. Happy birthday, dear! May God always save you from all evils and give you the power to overcome all the difficulties of your life. Have a blissful life, my son!

Congratulations my cutie pie on your birthday! Your entrance into this house has lightened up our lives and you’ve taken the special place in my heart. Have a day filled with a lot of good wishes, love, and surprises.

The naughtiest kid, happy birthday! You’re not only my niece, you’re my first child whom I adore the most. May our relationship always remain as strong as now! Enjoy your day with your loved ones and make a lot of wonderful memories.

Today is a very special day in my life as I became a father on this day. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! Thank you for coming into my life and giving me the eternal happiness. May no sorrows can ever touch you and you have a blessed life!

lovely birthday quotes for kids

Happy birthday, my daughter! Today is a lovely day and I wish you all the happiness in your life. I can’t ever express your importance in my life. Always keep in mind that, no matter how older you become, you’ll always be my little angel. I love you a lot.

My beloved granddaughter, congratulations for another year of life! You’re the light of our lives who distribute the boundless love. May the Almighty keep you free from any evil things and give you much success, wisdom, love, and friendship!

Happy birthday, my little prince! For me, you’re like my own child and I can do anything for keeping the smile on your face. No matter what happens in life, I’ll be with you always like your shadow. Always count on me whenever you need, my love. Many blessings!

The most precious day has come again. Happy birthday, little girl! You’re the synonym of pure love. You’re the child that every parent would love to have. We’re blessed to have you in our life. May all your dreams come true and you become one of the happiest people!

happy birthday quotes for kids

My grandson, you are the most precious gift that God has ever given to us. You have brought the joy of all the people surrounding you. Always be happy and healthy! May God turn you into an honest and respected person! Wish you a very happy birthday!

The best thing for any parent is to see the happy and healthy growth of their child. Happy birthday, the love of my heart! On this very special day, I pray to God to always keep you like this healthy and cheerful give you a happy life!

Happy birthday junior, my cool nephew! Today is your day and I wish you to get all the best things in your life. You know how much I love and adore you. Thank you for being born into our family. May in your heart, you’ve only love and respect for others!

Lovely Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

Birthday Message for Kids

Another year has passed and one of the very special days has come again. Happy birthday, my child! Your presence makes me feel special and your smile gives me the strength to live happily. You’ll always remain in the top place of my heart. Enjoy a lot, dear!

Birthday Message for Kids

My dear grandson, happy birthday! You’re my friend and also my play partner. It’s a great pleasure for me that, I’m a part of your life. I wish I could show you how much love I have in my heart for you. May God always protect you and give you much love and success!

Congratulations my child for your 7th birthday! I’m so happy to see your healthy growth. May this day come again and again in your life! Have a blast on your birthday!

Happy birthday, little munchkin! You’re the most gentle and pure-hearted child I’ve ever seen. Lots of love and affection for you. Wish you to have a very bright future. God bless you, dear!

happy birthday message for kids

My little granddaughter, you’re the apple of my eye and the best gift in my life. Today is your day and with all my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday. Have a magical day full of lovely surprises.

Today is a day to celebrate the birthday of the very important person in my life. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter!  You have completed me, dear and I feel like the happiest person when I see your smiley face. Have a lot of fun on your day.

Happy birthday, the youngest person in our house! Enjoy a lot as much as you can while you’re a kid because it’s the phase of life without any worries and responsibilities. So, don’t hurry to grow up and make the most of this phase.

My child, happy birthday! Today is all yours. Dream now to fulfill it in future. Enjoy every moment of your childhood because it will never come back again. May God guide you in the right way and fulfill all your wishes!

cute birthday messages for kids

Happy 5th birth anniversary, my cute niece! May you have many years of life and the happiness be your daily companion! Celebrate your day with your little friends and have fun.

The purest and beautiful stage of life is the childhood where everything seems easy and positive. Today, you’re celebrating your birthday and I congratulate you with all my heart, my little prince. Wish all the best things for the best kid in the world!

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