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25 Heart Touching Friendship Anniversary Wishes And Messages

Friends who stay stuck by your side are the gems whom you should never forget to value and cherish, especially on days like this. Wish them a happy friendship anniversary in ways that they can’t stop talking about it for the days to come!

Any friendship anniversary gives you instances to show your friends how much you value them and appreciate their friendships.

In this day and age, friends come and go in no time and out of nowhere. So, in such a time, as you have loyal friends, you should feel fortunate and grateful.

Celebrate any milestone and every stage in your friendship as what you have is rare and precious.

In this article, we have compiled some heartwarming happy friendship anniversary wishes that will surely put a smile on your BFF’s face.


Happy Friendship Anniversary

#1. It’s so easy for me to be myself with you. I don’t have to put on any filter or facade because I know you love me anyhow; thank you for being you. Happy friendship anniversary.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#2. Happy friendship anniversary. With true friends, it is easier to laugh at yourself as you know no matter how stupid you get, they’re more stupid(in the best way possible) to not leave you.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#3. Thank you for being my 2 A.M. friend on some days and 5 A.M. friend on other days. All those days, you saved my nights and mornings without realising. Happy friendship anniversary.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#4. Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin. Friends like you make life easier and storms go out of one’s life sooner than later. Happy friendship anniversary.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#5. It’s been more than 5 years since we became friends. I somehow deep down knew that this woman/man is here to save me from myself. And I was right. Happy 5-year anniversary.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#6. On some days, I need to only talk to you or be around you and suddenly everything feels okay even when my world is falling apart. Thank you and happy anniversary.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#7. As today is our friendship anniversary, I wish to tell you that no matter what life throws at me, I’d keep on being dramatic and you’d have to deal with it forever, sorry; love you.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#8. No other being can handle me the way you do but the magical part about it is that you don’t even have to try to be like that with me; it’s just how we’re!

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#9. Everyone needs a friend who gives them a shoulder and a box of tissues when they go through a breakup and a slap when they think of texting their ex; thank you for being one.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#10. Happy friendship anniversary. Life sometimes feels like this vast, shrinking ship drowning us in misery but I never worry because I have you, you always pull me out of such mess.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#11. You’ve always been there for me even in the times when I didn’t know I needed you or anyone for that matter but you knew; thank you for being such a good friend. Happy anniversary.


#12. Happy friendship anniversary. True friends don’t come and go. They stay and stay until you make them go and unless you’re an idiot, you shouldn’t let them go.


#13. Thank you for being the gem in my life and having saved me from all the troubles I put myself into. Never leave me, without you, I’ll be a mess. Happy friendship anniversary.


#14. Without your ruthlessly honest talks, I would’ve stayed an emotional wreck forever. Thank you for having saved me; I owe you for life. Many friendship anniversaries to go.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#15. May all the evil eyes find their way back to their senders and may we keep on slaying as best friends. Happy friendship anniversary to us.


#16. I believe friends like you are hard to find. It is why more than often I find myself as a very fortunate being; Thank you for giving me many reasons to be grateful forever.


#17. When I first met you, you seemed like trouble. It is the reason that you’re my best friend now. Only a troublesome being can get a hold of me. Happy anniversary to us.


#18. Happy 3-year anniversary. I’m quite not surprised because the day I met you I knew I invited chaos in my life; the chaos that I’d love to be around always.

Happy Friendship Anniversary


#19. Happy friendship anniversary. Everyone needs a friend who is willing to stay single for life and does crazy things that no one else would get, and I’m glad I have one.


#20. Your presence is so calming and comforting that I feel more of myself when I’m around you; I feel at ease and peace with you. Thank you for everything and happy friendship anniversary.

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Happy 1-Year Friendship Anniversary

#1. Happy 1-year friendship anniversary. I won’t buy you flowers but food, I’d not hold your hand but be by your side forever; and, I’ll love you better than any of your future partners.

Happy 1-Year Friendship Anniversary


#2. Happy 1-year friendship anniversary. However, we ought to have more good times, make many wonderful memories and be chaotic for many years to come.


#3. It’s been only 365 days, yet my mind has been steered by an overwhelming amount of memorable moments we’ve spent till now. Clearly, we know how to have fun; happy 1-year friendship anniversary.


#4. Like cheesecake, music, and good fine wine; you’ve become a necessity in my life. Kudos to you for having done so in 1 year, and congratulations to me. Happy 1-year friendship anniversary.


#5. Life with you feels like a lot of play and less like a burden, thank you for being such a fun friend; I’ll be so dull and sad without you. Happy 1-year friendship anniversary.

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From all the above-mentioned friendship anniversary wishes, we hope you found the perfect one to slide in your friend’s DM with a message wishing them a happy friendship anniversary. These wishes might make them lost in their paradise of memory to reminisce over the time you two have spent together this far. Thank them for having managed to be your friend and sticking through all the rain and sunshine especially because they didn’t have to but they chose to; which is a huge green flag. Celebrate this healthy friendship as it is a blessing.

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