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25 Miss You Messages And Quotes For Friend

It’s heart-wrenching to accept that as life goes on, we sometimes have to part ways with our friends. These miss you friend quotes are the ones that can help you verbalize your emotions whether your friend has moved to another country or has been caught up in life endeavors so much that they haven’t been able to meet you in a long while and you miss them.

The memories with a friend that you still cherish even after a period of separation tell that they have paid their fair share in your life. Such friendships are worth celebrating. To meet to celebrate, tell them how much you miss them by sending them these quotes.


Miss You Friend Quotes

1. In the times apart, when we’re miles apart, my friend, memories knock at my door to remind me of your absence, to make me miss you more.

Miss You Friend Quotes


2. In the land of memories, the echoes of our laughs and the bits of our talks travel, and in the loop of reminiscence, I miss you more than you know.

Miss You Friend Quotes


3. The last few moments I had with you I cherish the most when I don’t find you around me. The distance is there but so is love and I miss you.

Miss You Friend Quotes


4. From the laps of time, if I could steal the one, I’d take one of those evenings we used to spend in the cafes and put it on the loop; because I miss you tons.

Miss You Friend Quotes


5. I time travel to gather all the pieces of our shared moments that we haven’t been able to recreate. I hope to see you soon. Missing you tons.

Miss You Friend Quotes


6. The tales that I don’t find you in feel incomplete. I wish that our reunion is on the horizon for us to fill the empty places of our tales. My friend, I miss you.


7. Your friendship was the raft that I could rely on in times of storm. In the turbulent water and gusty wind, I still look for you; I still miss you.


8. Years ago we turned the page, our paths separated yet a piece of my heart holds you dearly and a part of me waits to meet you eagerly, do you miss me too?

Miss You Friend Quotes


9. I never imagined that I’d miss your headless puns and endless drama one day, but I do. I do miss you a lot.


10. If you miss me as I do, then my friend, let’s meet before you start to haunt me in my dreams.


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Miss You Messages for Friend

1. I miss you. I miss those moments of utter silence yet elevated comfort. I miss having you by my side and being that puzzle piece that completed me.

Miss You Messages for Friend


2. Without the most insane, dramatic, clumsy, and chaotic person, my life’s no different than a grey sky, I miss you, friend.


3. I need a croissant with my coffee to fix my mood just like I need you to elevate me from the mess I live in. I need my bob the fixer friend back; miss you.


4. I miss my friend who used to pop my dull life. A dolish character in my life is missing and I want him to meet me to sprinkle that favor back in my life.


5. Whether it’s the absence of pinheaded people in my life or the hit of waves of nostalgia, I miss you, my friend.


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I Miss You Quotes For Best Friend

1.  The news of the week is that I miss my best friend so much. Before the tea of the town gets cold we need to have our tea time.

I Miss You Quotes For Best Friend


2. In the cold world, I find my warm happy place with my best friend. Among the bizarre people here, I find my sanity when I’m with you. I miss you.


3. You have a debt to pay. A debt of hundreds of meet-ups and endless hours of gossip. All the charges will be taken only if you meet me sooner.


4. The only counterpart I have is my best friend. The only family I have is my best friend. The only person who saves me from my shattered world is missing. And I miss him.


5. Without my best friend, I can only blow up.
Without him/her, I can’t have any glow up.
Can someone tell him/her to show up?
I miss him/her, can’t he/she hurry up?


Miss You Quotes For Long Distance Friend

1. Even when we’re miles apart, the love we share will keep the strings attached. The knots of memories will never let me stop from missing you.

Miss You Quotes For Long Distance Friend


2. You’re that hearth of the home person to me. Let the distance between us don’t rule out the love we share and send me the warmth from miles away for I yearn it.


3. I’m seeking the key to the land of wonder where I can recreate the moments shared with my best friend and rekindle the zest for life by meeting him/her because I miss him/her.


4. Lose the grip over time and seek a getaway with me. Let’s escape the reality one more time as we used to before to make the memories to cherish, I miss you!


5. You’re miles apart yet the closest to me in the field of memories. You’re at this distance yet the waves of love will hit you to tell you how much I miss you!


Miss You Quotes For A Friend After Death

1. Rest in peace, friend. With all the love in my heart, I’ll cherish all the time we spent together and will miss you deeply.

Miss You Quotes For A Friend After Death


2. May you rest in peace, for you were like a heaven-sent friend to me, this loss is greater to put into words but a day will not pass when I won’t miss you.


3. With a whining heart, I say that the deeper healing lies ahead of us and the pain of losing you will leave us with a scar we’ll never be able to hide. We’ll miss you.


4. Losing a friend like you is heart-wrenching. The foggy will be the path ahead and the lonely life would become. May you rest in peace and stay with us in spirits.


5. The barren will be our lives without you. The seeds of hope to have you keep on looking at us from the above will however we’ll plant because we’ll always miss you. Rest in peace.


This is a set of miss you friend quotes that you need to send to your friend/s to remind them to take a break from the busy lives they’re living and meet you. Let these messages be their reminders for them to cross out a date or maybe a few to meet you in real or on zoom. If you have lost touch with your friend/s and you terribly miss them but can’t get over your head on how to tell them then these ones are the perfect ones to go with.