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50 Heartfelt I Miss You Quotes For Your Loving One

If you’re looking for some of the best I miss you quotes that are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s faces, look no further. Everyone has someone whom they miss time and again. Missing someone is a natural phenomenon when you are so in love with them and want to spend every moment of the day with them. You can always miss someone and never have the right words to express your feelings. If you struggle to convey the feeling about how much you miss your significant other, here are some ideas on some beautiful I miss you quotes that we’re sure you’ll love.


I Miss You Quotes :

1. I close my eyes whenever I miss you. It is the easiest way to feel your presence when you are not around.

I miss you quotes


2. Missing you is like breathing. Every moment of the day, I miss you without any hesitation or complaint.



3. All my prayers were answered when you came into my life. Now I pray to be by your side. Will you answer my prayers and bless me with your presence because I miss you a lot.



4. I could have quoted a quote about how much I miss you, but it won’t be my words. From an amateur who just wants to tell you how much I miss you, is ‘I miss your presence ‘ enough?


5. If missing you was a job, I’d be the outstanding one. So I’m here standing outside your door to receive my prize.


6. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat. But when you’re not around, my heart has forgotten how to beat. I miss you love.


7. You are the first thought when I wake up and the last thought before I sleep. But you are also every thought in between. I miss you every moment.


8. Words are merely a tool to express how much I miss you, but even the words in the dictionary are not enough to express how much I miss you at this moment.


9. Everything is dull without you. It’s because you bring colors to my life, and now when you are not around, I feel like I’m colorblind.


10. I won’t say I miss you every time, but it is so hard right now to say that I don’t. Please come back soon.


11. You left such a mark in my life that whenever you’re not around, I can’t help but miss you.


12. When I’m with you, time flies in a blink of an eye, but when we are apart, every minute seems like a year. It feels like ages that I haven’t seen your face. I miss you love.

I miss you quotes


13. It hurts so much that I miss you, and it’s making me cry. Nothing seems the same when you are not around.


14. Loving you seemed so easy, and you made it even easier to be in love with you, but never did I know that missing you could be the most challenging part. My heart aches from the pain of missing you.


15. I miss you as a lost child misses their home. I miss you like a dog misses its owner. I miss you like the sun misses the moon every night. I miss you like I miss you.


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I Miss You Quotes For Her:

1. The stars at night remind me of you. The stars twinkle the same way your eyes sparkle whenever I look at them. I miss you and your stary eyes.

I miss you quotes for her


2. I dream about you and your cute smile every time. I daydream about you when my eyes are open, and I dream about you at night when my eyes are closed.


3. Your laugh is music to my ears. As life without music is dull, so is my life without your laughter. I miss you and your little snort after you laugh so hard.


4. When you are around, you annoy me with your stupid acts, but when you’re not around, I’m annoyed by the fact that you can’t annoy me anymore, and it’s annoying.


5. You saw the child in me and took great care of him. Now the child inside me cries to be by your side. I miss you.

I miss you quotes for her


6. I miss the feeling of home that your hugs hold. I miss the warmth of your touch and the peace you bring to my soul. I miss you.


7. I’m so lucky, I can call you mine. But I’m so unlucky I can’t be with you right now. I wish I could see you soon, my love.


8. I felt like I was on cloud nine when you took me into your arms. I loved being there. Now I look forward to hugging you and being wrapped by your love. I miss you so much, sweetheart.



9. My heart always reminds me of every moment I spent with you. I miss being around you and making new memories with you.


10. You are everything I wanted, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You loved me; you took care of me. You are someone I can always count on, and I trust you with everything. You are someone who will always love me, and I miss you every moment of every day.


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I Miss You Quotes For Him:

1. I found my forever home in you. Now when you’re not around, everything seems like war. All I want is to be in your arms and feel safe. I miss you, bae.



2. The day you came into my life, I didn’t know you would be this important. Now even in this room filled with people, my heart and mind are with you.


3. You always know how to lift my mood. I’m getting terrible with my mood swings, and you are getting better at handling them. I miss your stupid face.


4. I tried my best not to miss you, but all I can think of is you, and it’s crazy but true. My heart aches to hold you again.


5. I’m always busy these days, and I hardly have time for myself, let alone for others. And yet, I can’t stop thinking about you every second, every minute.


6. Missing you has become my new hobby. I hate the pain it brings, but I can’t stop myself from doing it. I can’t wait to see you again.


7. Missing you unintentionally is my heart’s way of saying how much I need you and love you. I love you every day, and I miss you every moment.


8. Just like that, I can not imagine my life with you. I can not imagine not missing you when you’re not around.

I miss you quotes for him


9. Being able to call you mine is soothing but not being able to see you now is so heartbreaking. I miss you, love.


10. Missing you has become a part of my everyday life. I can not function properly without missing you anymore.


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When You Miss Someone Quotes:

1. When you miss someone, everything seems dull. Nothing excites you like before. There is always a feeling of emptiness that can’t be described with words.


2. What’s the worst part of missing someone? It’s the fact that what you had is long gone, and there is nothing you can do about it but accept the truth.


3. When you miss someone, there is always a part of you secretly wishing that everything gets back as it used to, and there is nothing you can do.


4. Every second feels like hours and every hour like a year. When you miss someone, time seems to freeze and not move at all.

missing you quotes for her


5. I never realized it before, but when you miss someone, everything reminds you of that person and the memory associated with them.


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Missing You Quotes For Her:

1. You are the reason for my happiness and my only source of brightness. As the moon is nothing but a big hollow without the sun, so am I without you.


2. You came into my life like a gentle breeze, soft and slow. You swept me away from my feet gently. I’m not a winter person, but I miss the breeze that felt like home.


3. Every time my mind wanders, it’s always lost in the thoughts of you. When will I be able to hold you again? I don’t know, but I’ll wait.


4. Every time I think of you, my heartaches because you’re not around, and when I think about meeting you, I get butterflies in my stomach all over again. It’s so tricky to love someone and miss being with them.

missing you quotes for her


5. Today, I woke up with a huge smile because I dreamt of you, but as soon as I realized you’re not around, I started to miss you so bad. I miss you, my girl.


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I Miss You So Much Quotes:

1. You are always in my thoughts and mind but not in front of my eyes, and I remember you as much as I want you in front of my eye.



2. I never knew loneliness until you were no longer around, and I started missing you. Now, loneliness is my only friend, and I feel so alone.


3. I wish you were here. We could just sit looking at the sky and watching the clouds make funny shapes. Your presence is all I want to feel.


4. The whole world seems to stop as you are nowhere around. I didn’t realize this, but you are my entire world, and I feel so lost without you, my love.



5. I don’t want to miss you, but I wish you were here right now in my arms. I don’t want to keep messaging you like this, but there’s nothing else I can do.