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15 Have A Safe Trip Wishes For Safe Journey

Have A Safe Trip

I hope you have a safe trip, my love. I will be waiting with flowers when you come back!

have a safe trip


Your dreams are waiting for you. I hope you the safest of travels and wish you all the best for your future.


This isn’t goodbye, because I know we will meet again. Until then, you have a safe trip and stay safe.

have a safe trip


It’s about time you leave for that vacation. Finally, you are on your way. I wish you a safe trip and a great vacation.


Life is an adventure, and the only way to live is to leave! Have a safe trip, my darling. Your adventure awaits!


Traveling is stressful, but most times, it is the journey that is beautiful and not the destination. Enjoy your trip.


If we were never meant to move at all, we would have roots and not legs. Thankfully, you’re making a move! Safe trip.

have a safe trip


Every journey begins with a single step. I hope this journey is one you’ll remember forever. Have a wonderful trip.


I know you’re traveling alone, but I’m sure you’ll have made friends well within an hour of you leaving! Have a safe trip, sunshine. See you soon.


I hope you have a safe flight, and I hope your seat isn’t next to crying children! Let me know when you’ve landed.


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Have a Safe Journey

The only way to leave and go anywhere is to go with all your heart and soul. Have a safe journey, friend!

Have a Safe Journey


There’s a whole new life waiting for you to explore it. May this trip be everything you wish for. Safe travels!


You’re only leaving for a week, but I miss you already. Have a safe journey. Come back to my arms soon.


I hope you have everything packed. Make sure to double-check coz’ you’re somewhat of a klutz. I love you, anyway. Safe journey.

Have a Safe Journey


Make some beautiful memories and make sure to take thousands of pictures for me. Have a safe journey, my baby. I’ll see you soon.