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30 Encouraging Quotes For Loss of A Brother

Nothing can take away the pain after the loss of a brother. Sometimes everything starts with sibling rivalry, but brothers become best friends with time. They are the secret holders who save their siblings from getting scolded by their parents.

Growing up together let brothers form an incredible bond. Thus, learning things about each other and teaching so many things to one another become regular in this relationship. Brothers often take the place of a best friend and a guardian.

Brothers stay in the memories of their loving siblings. You feel the connection even when the brother is far apart, and this is what a brother-brother or brother-sister bond does. Their memories bring a smile to your face and tears to your eyes as you remember the good days.


Loss of a Brother Messages

1. I have always been thankful to have a brother like you. You showered your selfless love on me like very few. I miss my biggest supporter on my difficult days, who was always there.

Loss of a brother quotes


2. Stealing your candies was one of my sweetest childhood memories. I never guessed that you intentionally kept them on your table. You undoubtedly were so incredible. I miss you, brother! Why did you leave me so sooner?

Loss of a brother quotes


3. We grew up fighting every day. But you became that big brother I admire, even today. The word Love seems so insignificant to describe your affection for me. Without you, I am never happy, you see.

Loss of a brother quotes


4. Everybody recognizes you as a genuine person with a warm smile. But they don’t know that your Dad Jokes, pranks and stupid tricks were a part of your style. Now I am missing those and trying hard to find you in the fragrance of your clothes.

Loss of a brother quotes


5. You never bade goodbye and just left me with moist eyes. I hope to see you again. You were my best brother, always beside me in thunder, lightning and rain.

Loss of a brother quotes


6. Saturday nights become unbearable every week. We don’t hear the live commentary for the sports matches, and none calls me a geek. You suddenly fell sick, making us all weak.


7. As an elder brother, you used to protect me with all your heart. Now, it’s my turn to protect your lovely memories within me, and it will be a part of my fresh start.


8. The most challenging part of not having you with me is not being able to find solace in your warm smiles. It hurts every time I call your name and receive silence of thousand miles.

Loss of a brother quotes


9. Now I cannot tease you about anything, nor can I put my blames on you to escape mum’s beating. I cannot tell you how much I miss my lovely young brother. I hope you were nearer.


10. You departed suddenly. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to you, sweetie. I cannot accept now when I will open your room’s door, you will not be there like before.


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Loss of My Brother Quotes

1. I try to find you up in the sky, holding your cup of chai. I’d give everything so that I get to hear your voice again, but I try in vain. You had bid goodbye. Now you are a free guy.

The loss of a brother


2. I promised to smile when you were gone. So, I’ll try to laugh with the birds, sing with the flowers, and pray for you when I am alone.


3. Losing a brother can be the most heart-breaking thing in life. Yet I have to survive. I will try to find you in our old scrabble games. I know life will not be the same.


4. We will remember your brother forever. His energy will live on, dear. His influence on so many people was passionate yet subtle. I Will miss your brother as he was adorable.


5. Your brother may have passed away, but he will be in our hearts and minds every day. Stay strong. I may not replace him but will be there for you, lifelong.


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Brother Death Quotes From Sister

1. You affected innumerable lives during your existence. Now, none can bear your absence. I hope that I get to be your sister in the next life. Until then, let me take care of your wife.

Brother death quotes from sister


2. I will love you unconditionally to keep you alive. One day we will meet and give each other a big hi-five. I thank God because I was your sister. You were honestly the best brother ever.


3. Although you have been gone for many years, your memories remain, dear. May you rest in peace hereafter. It goes beyond my belief that with us, you are no longer.


4. My brother with you, our house got buried, even though you were stupid. The laughter is gone. Now, we are all left alone.


5. My brother was my first male acquaintance. My brother was the only person who had ever put up with my craziness. He will always be my friend, even when everything ends.


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Loss of a Brother Quotes From Brother

1. Brother, you are the one who taught me to be brave. You spoiled me, and whatever I wanted, you gave. I’ll never be strong enough to accept that you’re gone. Today I am crying and sitting all alone.

Loss of a brother quotes from brother


2. I’m not sure how I’ll manage without you in my life. You helped me with my first step and taught me how to drive. My darling brother, I hope you find love and peace wherever you are.


3. Making us happy was something that my brother always knew. I love you. I can’t bear your losing you, saying deep from my heart, I love you.


4. My heart aches with anguish. I miss your activities that were so childish. One day, I will make you proud of your little brother. One day, we will both be together.


5. Inside, my brother was a tiny child, a little mild and pretty wild. My life is a living hell. I can never think about bidding you a farewell.


Losing a Brother Quotes

1. Losing a brother is the worst thing that can happen to you. I hope no one has to go through such a tragedy ever in their lives as I had to. After losing my brother, life becomes difficult to bear.

Losing a Brother Quotes


2. My brother was my rock. He irritated me but was always beside me when I needed to talk. While describing my sorrow, I lack words and try to look for him in the morning dews and evening birds.


3. I hope my brother is in a happy place right now. We are surviving somehow. Although, living has become painful now. But I will stick to my vow.


4. I will always have a hole in my heart. Why do you have to move apart? You were my best brother and mentor. It is difficult to live without you, dear.


5. Losing you feels like losing myself. You were my cutest elf. I will miss you terribly, my sweet brother. You were indeed lovely.


Sudden goodbyes are always painful, especially when you lose your most loved ones. Whether it is the elder or younger brother, every sibling contributes to each other’s growth. Sometimes they fight and tease each other, but often, they stay as the biggest supporters and best buddies. Therefore, losing a brother becomes a pain almost impossible to handle. Missing them while rekindling their memories brings tears to your eyes. It is impossible to get over grief, knowing the blank they left will forever remain unfilled. Here is some loss of a brother quotes that can help you cope with the sorrow of their passing.