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30 Encouraging Loss of A Sister Quotes

If you’ve lost your sister, we’re sorry for your loss. We know by no means it might have been easy for you to grieve this pain. These loss of a sister quotes can help you put your sorrow and grief into words to save yourself from tearing apart.

The emotions that these quotes represent might resemble yours and you might feel heard and understood. And this is to remind you that you’re not alone in this and to put your sister’s soul at rest too.


Loss of A Sister Messages

1. To have lost a sister is to grieve the pain for the time you live

The wound can only be healed but with the scars now you live.

loss of a sister quotes


2. The pain of a loss of a soul only gets heavier with each step you take. While you can’t leave it behind, don’t let it sink in to let it resist your healing journey.

loss of a sister quotes


3. Each day since you left me here alone, sis, I’ve felt your absence.

In everything I choose to do, I’ve yearned for your presence.

I find comfort when in the lands of memories I reminisce.

loss of a sister quotes


4. A turmoil came, and torrents of tears I shred;

Yet, losing you, sister is a pain I haven’t yet cured.

loss of a sister quotes


5. Weep till you feel lighter

for the loss of a sister is a pain

cannot be buried away.

Let grief take place,

let rainfall of tears wash away

the wounds and let scars take place.

loss of a sister quotes


6. May the keepers of light give you the love I couldn’t.

May your soul find the peace in heaven that here it couldn’t.


7. On your shoulders carrying my head, I felt the warmth of the sisterhood walking in the field.

And you left, and I didn’t only lose a sister but the sun vanished from my life.


8. Dreary has the life become since you’ve not been a part of it.

Sister, since I’ve lost you, loneliness is the cave I sleep into.

loss of a sister quotes


9. With a sigh, I let a part of the pain I’d buried die.

With teary eyes, sister, I let the hope to see you again die.


10. I hear the echoes of your giggles, and I whine

A part of you, loads of memories, and torrents of emotions

You’ve left to cry my loaded heart with.


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Grieving The Loss of A Sister Quotes

1. You’ve taken a piece of my life with you, sister, without which each phase of my life will not feel whole to me.

grieving the loss of a sister quotes


2. I hope your soul rests in peace, sister, as I here can only be at ease when my soul sister is at peace.


3. The music, the muse, the soulmate, the best friend, the mother, the sister;

You left, sister, and it’s not only you who I’ve lost.


4. My sister has left me but her presence can’t be faded.

Like always she never  forgets to have my back

She had left the world but in my life, her presence can’t be faded.


5. For you were not only my real sister but a soul one,

Neither this lifetime nor the next one can keep me apart from you.


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Death of Sister Quotes: Miss You Sister

1. As I look around, the hollow of quiet surrounds me. Without your cheer and chuckles, the emptiness of this home weighs down on me. I miss you, sister.

Death of Sister Quotes: Miss You Sister


2. Sister, you were the hearth not only of this home but my life. Noone can be a better adviser nor a partner in crime like you. I miss you so much.


3. The day you left me was the day the light that always guided me to my true north vanished and the love that never forgot to comfort me faded. I miss you sister.


4. A mother in you never let me run out of the field. A sister in you never forgot to nurture me with her unbound love. And two different realms cannot break this bond of love.

Death of Sister Quotes: Miss You Sister


5. I couldn’t have come out of my cage if it was not you who gave me her hand, filled me with love to melt the chains of fear. I miss you, sis, dearly.


6. Only heart who listened to me with unbelievable love and care, the only soul who was a mate of mine left the world, and sister since then I miss you every day more than anything.


7. You were a living angel however I know now you’re my guardian angel. You can leave this world but I know, sister, you will always find a way to stay close to me.

Death of Sister Quotes: Miss You Sister


8. Until the next lifetime, I hope, sister your soul rests in peace. Until the next time, we meet again, stay close to me than any other spirit.


9. Sister, so what if you’re not here alive, whisper your wise words when I’m about to take a wrong turn at crossroads. Hug me with a cool breeze when I need a shoulder to cry.


10. Fate made us fall apart. But I know you still watch over me every time.

I miss you a lot but sis, I know you’re with me all the time.


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Sister Death Quotes From Brother

1. A little I knew that there was undeniable love underneath the anger we used to spill at each other. A little I knew that I loved my sister so much!

Sister death quotes from brother


2. Only if it wasn’t the death of you to make me realize how much of a lovely sister you were, I could be grateful for life.


3. It was a blessing that I had a sister like you. You died and a little phase of privilege was taken from me. You left me and a detrimental phase of my life began.


4. You never listened to me when you were alive. But can you now! Little sister, can you listen to me and come back alive here to save me from this misery?


5. Sister, all your visits in my dreams and the moments you shared with me feed my soul.  In these times tougher than any, when you’re not alive, parts of you I’m left with to cherish.


The loss of any soul is terrifying and if you’ve lost your sister, you’ve lost many people by losing one soul. Let these loss of sister quotes help you discover the depths of the pain you’ve kept buried for so long. Free yourself from grief by freeing your soul from the burden of unsaid emotions. Let these quotes name these feelings only to levitate from the grieving pain.