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40 Quotes About Being Strong-Stay Strong Quotes

If you are at a difficult phase of your life and need some motivation to move forward, here are some quotes about being strong. Sometimes life gets hard, and you are left with no choice than being strong. That is the time when your true strength is seen. A champion never gives up, no matter how hard it is to hold on. You might fail to succeed once, but you won’t keep failing if you try harder. Strong people are those who stand back up when they fall and smile as they have never been hurt before. 


Quotes About Being Strong

You are not born strong. The strength is built in you with the experiences of hardships and choices of life. So be grateful for the experiences of life.

quotes about being strong


Life can sometimes be challenging. You will have to deal with heartbreaks, losing people will be nothing new, and broken friendships will be haunting. But that is what will make you stronger.

Be Strong Quotes


Strength comes from dealing with the obstacles in life that will try to bring you down. Be strong and move forward. Even if you fall, stand back up. 

best quotes about being strong


After every happy day comes a sad one, and after every sad day comes a happy one. That is the cycle of life. And you become strong when you can handle all of that with a smile.


Stay strong through all of the tough times in life. One day you will look back at the struggling you and be proud of how far you have come. 


When there are hurdles in life, don’t think that they came your way because you deserve it. Think that they came because you are strong enough to get through.


Great things in life are not achieved easily. You need to have the power and think that you are strong enough to achieve them. And that is how you achieve them.

quotes about being strong


Dreams come true when you are dedicated to achieving it. You have to stay strong even when you fail a million times. And it’s up to you how hard you want to work for it. 


Strong people are those who fight against their fear with no hesitation. If you don’t fight against it, the fear will consume you one day. 


When you pray to the Lord during the difficult times, don’t pray for the time to be easy; pray to the Lord to make you strong to overcome such time. 


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Stay Strong Quotes 

Just because a person is a winner doesn’t mean he is strong. He might have won without any struggles. But the strength lies within a person who never gives up even after failing.  A person who keeps struggling and trying is a true winner. 

Stay Strong Quotes 


A strong person is someone who believes in himself. Anyone can hate themselves, but it takes a strong person to accept himself and love himself anyway. 


At times, when things get hard, and you think that you cannot take it anymore, stay strong, and have faith in yourself. That will help ease the negative feelings. 


Set goals and targets, vision them, figure out ways to achieve them and be strong to overcome hardships that come in between. Success will come to you then.


Never give up even if you think you cannot get through a hard time. There were many times when you thought this way but were able to get through it. Stay strong, and this one will be over too. 

Quotes About Stay Strong


Some parts of you will make you happy while some will not. But stay strong no matter how you feel about yourself, strong enough to accept them all. 


Strength and weakness are built in all of us. Just because someone else is strong in maths doesn’t mean he is strong in science too. So don’t feel low just because you are weak in something. 


In the end, I don’t want my journey to be easy because that would be no adventure. The memories would not be worth keeping. I am not scared if the road is difficult because I  am strong enough to get through.


You have come this far in life, so never think small of yourself. It takes strength to live and even more to live the life you imagined. You are strong, brave, and powerful!

Best Stay Strong Quotes 


It is not a bad thing to fall. It is a bad thing to fall down and not stand back up again. So, be strong and stand up. If you don’t succeed on the first try, you will get it on the last attempt.  


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Quotes About Being Strong Through Hard Times  

Hard times come and go in life. Stay through all the phases. Hold onto the faith and believe in God. He will make everything okay. 

Quotes About Being Strong Through Hard Times  


Your full strength is only determined when God puts you through a phase where you have no other option rather than being strong. 


Strength and weakness of a person cannot be determined just by looking at his face. It is shown by the harsh experiences and the resilience that they have shown towards hardships and failures. 


Winning and losing are two elements of the game. But the courage lies in those who continue the game no matter which element he falls under. 

Best Quotes About Being Strong Through Hard Times  


Don’t compare yourself with anyone because you are strong in your way. Your strength and weakness don’t determine who you are. Just keep moving forward! 


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Motivational Quotes About Being Strong  

Giving up is easy. Anyone can do that. But stay strong and keep moving even though it hurts holding on is tough. And I like tough things.

Motivational Quotes About Being Strong  


Anyone who cannot cope with different situations is useless. Be willing to be okay with any situation and environment that life wants you to be in. There is a strength hidden in that.


If you are strong and powerful, think of other people who possess the same quality as you. And if you can do something, the whole group of people can do everything. 


Strength lies in teamwork because there is a mix of different visions, perspectives, views, and skills. You can learn to see things differently. 

Best Motivational Quotes About Being Strong  


Different things have different meanings. Understand them, learn them, and utilize them. Few people hesitate to do so, and that leads to being their weakness. Never hesitate to learn new things in life.


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You Are Strong Quotes 

At times, when you feel like you are not good enough, concentrate better. Try dedicating your time to what you want to achieve. You are strong. 

You Are Strong Quotes 


Be a fearless sailor. Never be afraid of storms, for they come and go, but your opportunity doesn’t. Keep sailing and show the storm that you are stronger. 


Stress is caused when you want to reach somewhere, but you cannot. And it can be reduced by trying. You are strong; keep trying until you reach your destiny. 


Success is a step-by-step process, and so is a failure. Success is just one step ahead of your loss. So, don’t lose hope, stay strong, and keep working.

Quotes on You Are Strong


Be someone worth remembering. Someone strong, someone motivating, and someone inspiring. Death occurs but is someone who will be alive even after it. 


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I Am Strong Quotes 

Who told you that strength is built naturally? It is built when you decide to fight against your fear, and you succeed. That is when you are known as a strong person.

I Am Strong Quotes 


Life’s ups would not be appreciated without the downs. So, when you are at your down, stay strong, and set a mindset of moving forward no matter the obstacle that comes on your way. 


A part of strength comes from the love and support you get from the people close to you. You will always have a feeling to make them proud. 


When we are in a dark place alone, we are not motivated enough to reach our goal. But when someone comes along and motivates us, we are encouraged to do so. 


Strong people never give up. Because if they were not strong enough, they would’ve given up the moment hardships arrived. Never give up and always hold on to hope.

Quotes About I Am Strong