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35 Heartfelt Condolences Message to Show Support

When you are looking for the right condolence message to express your grief to the family of the deceased, it can be a challenging task. You are never ready to lose someone. When someone you love is gone, words are never enough to convey what you feel. But the right words can ease the pain of loss. It can make you feel that you are never alone, even in these dark times. Here are some quotes that can help you convey you are sorry for their loss and also that you care about them.


Condolences Message:

1. I extend my deepest sympathies to the family who lost such an amazing soul. I offer you my thoughts and prayers during this dark time.

condolences message


2. I am saddened by your loss. I express my heartfelt condolence at the loss of such a gem. He was an amazing human being.

condolences message


3. We will always remember him in our prayers and memories. He will never be forgotten. May God give him eternal rest.


4. It was such an honor to know a person as grateful as your mother. May her departed soul rest in heaven.


5. At this dark time, I express my heartfelt condolence to you and your family. I’m here, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


6. He may have departed from this earth but will always live in our thoughts and heart—my condolences.


7. Our condolences to you and your family for your loss. May God provide you with strength at this difficult time.

condolences message


8. May God put her in a special place from where she watches all the people who loved and cherished her.


9. I am truly sorry for your loss. She will be missed and will live on in our hearts forever. May her soul rest in peace.


10. No one is ever prepared for a loss. Take comfort in knowing that she is in a better place. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.


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Condolences Text Messages:

11. I’m so sorry for your loss. He will always be remembered. He and his contribution to making us as a single-family are praiseworthy. I’m going to miss him too.


12. My heart goes out to you and everyone suffering. He was a child of God and could find love for everyone around him. This is such a huge loss.


13. I wish to share your grieve with you. You and your family are always in my thoughts. This loss affects me as much as it affects you. I hope we find the strength to overcome this loss.


14. I was saddened to hear this sad news. I still can’t believe that the person with who we shared our life is now no longer with us. All my best wishes to you and your family.


15. Gone too soon but never forgotten, he lives on through our memories. He may not be around us, but he will always remain in our hearts till the end of times.

condolences text messages


16. I know words cannot comfort your loss, but I wanted you to know that I care. I’ll be looking after you and your family, sending love and strength on your way.


17. My heart aches for your loss. Even my heart cannot accept the fact that he is no more with us. May you and your family find strength in your time of grief.


18. Please remember that you are not alone. We are here at your time of grief. May God bless you and your family with the strength to overcome the loss.

condolences text messages


19. Your loss has left me saddened. I’m as much hurt as you are, and I’ll miss her as much as you do. I’m here for you.


20. You and your family are always surrounded by love and care, even during this difficult time. We are always here for you and your family.


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Condolences card message : What To Write In Card

1. I hope you feel surrounded by love at this darkest time. We are always with you and your family. You are remembered in our prayers.



2. Sending prayers and comforts on your way. May God provide you and your family with strength. I am so sorry for your loss. May she reside in peace.


3. We hold you close in our thoughts and prayers at this time of grief. May you and your family feel loved, cared for, and find strength.


4. It was a great pleasure to know a man like him. He will always be remembered in our prayers. He will be badly missed and never forgotten.



5. I can hardly think of what you’re going through. To lose a person like him is hard for a kind soul like you. Sorry for your loss.


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Short Condolences Message:

1. Even though he might not be around anymore. His memories will always provide us comfort. He will be in our hearts forever. My heartfelt condolences for your loss.

short condolence message


2. For someone who lived such a happy life, she will always be remembered. Her life is an inspiration to everyone. May her departed soul reside in heaven.


3. It was my immense pleasure to know such an amazing person as your mom, who taught us what family is. Gone but never forgotten. May her soul rest in peace.


4. He lived his life with happiness. He never let anything hold him down. He was a strong man. At this time of sorrow, may you find strength in his memories.

short condolence message

5. I will always think of him in my prayers and memories. He taught us to live and love. He was a child of God. May he be at peace.


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Condolences Message For a Friend:

1. I’m deeply shaken by your loss. I’m here at your time of loss. Please feel free to reach out. I’m only a text or a call away.

condolences message for a friend


2. I’ve been through thick and thin with you. Now at this dark time, I want you to know that I’m always here for you. I express my condolences for your loss.


3. You are the strongest person I’ve ever meet. At this dark time, I know you’ll find the strength to overcome this loss. My heartfelt condolences for your loss.


4. My heart goes to you and your family at this time of despair. She was the light of the family, and she will be missed. May the departed soul be at ease.

condolences message for a friend


5. I wish to be by your side at this dark time, but you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. May the departed soul find peace.